Short takes for April 4

Eyes on 68


It’s good to see people getting on board and doing some forward thinking in terms of upgrading Minnesota Highway 68. Much of the attention when it comes to roads in the area falls on Highway 23 – and for good reason, but 68 is also a main corridor for people coming into Marshall to work. One of the things we, like many others, would love to see on 68 is a widening of the shoulders – because safety shouldn’t be an ongoing issue on major highways like this one. We all know roads and bridges in Minnesota are in dire straits, and we in southwest Minnesota certainly aren’t immune to those problems.

House gets it right


We like the looks of the House’s construction package that now includes bonding for both the MERIT center and the Southwest Minnesota Regional Amateur Sports Center. Of course, we don’t know how bonding will shake out this session; we still haven’t even seen the Senate’s proposal, but it’s a good first step for these two major local projects – and a much-needed one for the MERIT center since it didn’t make the cut in Gov. Mark Dayton’s January proposal.