A musical mystery

MARSHALL – Things are getting pretty spooky at Samuel Lutheran School with its upcoming performance of “Phantom of the Music Room.”

“The Phantom of the Music Room” will be performed at 3 p.m. Sunday in the gym at Samuel Lutheran School. Following the show, a Whopper feed will be held to benefit the Parents Teachers and Friends Association at the school.

Principal John Festerling organizes and directs the musical and even helps make the sets and lighting rigs.

“I do it so it’s something special for the kids,” Festerling said.

All students grades 3-8 will be a part of the performance.

Seventh-grader Amanda Biastock has the role of Lindsay in the play.

“I have two solos,” Biastock said. “They’re good.”

Andrew Heil and Brock Schultz, both fifth-graders, play a pair of deputies that help solve the mystery at the school.

“We like the costumes and the hats,” said Heil. “And my favorite part is when (Schultz) is falling asleep, and I have to wake (him) up.”

When asked why people should come to the show, Heil and Schultz both said, “Because the songs are good, and it’s funny.”