Good public service

To the editor:

As citizens we all take good services for granted. But in some states this is a problem. My sister lives in Watertown, S.D. The town is twice the size of Marshall. The snow plow service is not too good. Sometimes the plows don’t come around for two days. Also, real estate is so much higher there.

Here in Marshall we have very good snow plow service. Usually it is done in a 24-hour period and that’s good. We have no need to complain about this. Our city workers do a good job for our city in general. We should appreciate what they do for us people.

Also, the Marshall Municipal workers do a good job. They sometimes have to work on off hours to fix emergencies. Their jobs are not too easy.

I think they do always put forth a good effort. After all is said and done the town of Marshall is a pretty good place to live.

My property tax is very reasonable. I have been a Marshall resident for more than 50 years.

Ronald Mosch