PREP GOLF: Marshall wins home invitational

MARSHALL – The Marshall boys and girls golf teams began their seasons by winning the Marshall Invitational team titles at Marshall Golf Club on Saturday.

It was an ideal start for the Tigers, who played 18 holes in ideal weather conditions Saturday, when the temperature registered in the mid-50s and there was hardly any wind.

In the boys meet, Marshall Black used 296 strokes to tie its own course record en route to capturing the championship. Mankato East was 14 shots back with a 310, followed by New Ulm (316), Mankato West (326), Redwood Valley (343), Marshall Orange (350) and Fairmont (373).

“It’s great to get out to play golf this early in the season, watch our golfers and their progress. I have to admit that I am surprised to see some of the scores,” MHS boys coach Allen Lucht said. “We can always go better, but 296 is a great score this early. I would like to see us consistently be in the 280s or low 290s.”

In the girls meet, Marshall Black finished 39 strokes ahead of Mankato East, 350 to 389. The rest of the field included New Ulm (420), Mankato West (436), Marshall Orange (444) and Worthington (451).

“I am pleased with the way our girls played all the way down from the older kids to the younger kids. Our golfers stepped up to play pretty well,” MHS girls coach Nancy Blanchard said. “It was a good start for us. This golf course can be quite a challenge, especially if the wind picks up.”

Blanchard said the Tigers are aiming for a team score that is consistently in the 330s. MHS has the rest of the season to work at taking 20 to 30 strokes off its round.

The medalists were both from Marshall. Matt Bennett recorded a 2-under 70 in his first varsity outing of the season, while Hannah Peterson carded an 80, which is about four strokes under her average.

The Tigers’ Brent Haukom, who posted a 71, and Jacob Baker, who added a 75, placed second and third, respectively, in the boys individual standings. Marshall’s Jessica Blanchard, who turned in an 84, was the runner-up in the girls individual standings.

Although happy with his round, Bennett believes he could have finished with a score in the 60s.

“I felt comfortable out there and I made some putts. I just wish I had made a few more putts. Overall, it was a good day (for golf) and it was great weather,” Bennett said. “When it’s nice out, I always feel like I should play a little better.”

Bennett said the par 4s were his strong suit, playing those holes at 4-under in his round. He shot 1-under on the par 5s, but ended up 3-over on the par 3s.

Haukom was right behind Bennett in the individual standings at the end. Haukom started out slowly by recording bogies on three of his first six holes, but recovered to shoot 4-under on his last seven holes.

“I wasn’t hitting (the ball) solid at the start, but I made a few up-and-down and that kept me going,” Haukom said. “It was a shaky start, but it all came together at the end.”

Peterson’s tee shot on No. 16 stopped about eight feet from the hole, where her putting opportunity developed into a birdie and a solid finish with a par at No. 17.

“After being inside the gym and hitting balls the last few weeks, this was a great day to get outside and play golf,” Peterson said.

It showed.

Marshall returns to action Tuesday in a Southwest Conference dual meet at Jackson County Central.


Saturday’s Results

At Marshall Golf Club


TEAM STANDINGS: 1. Marshall Black 296, 2. Mankato East 310, 3. New Ulm 316, 4. Mankato West 326, 5. Redwood Valley 343, 6. Worthington 346, 7. Marshall Orange 350, 8. Fairmont 373.

INDIVIDUAL STANDINGS: 1. Matt Bennett (MB) 35-35-70, 2. Brent Haukom (MB) 37-34-71; 3. Carter Haley (ME) 37-36-73, 4. Kelton Schmitz (NU) 40-34-74, 5. Chris Sedaka (ME) 39-36-75.

MARSHALL BLACK: Matt Bennett 35-35-70, Brent Haukom 37-34-71, Jacob Baker 36-39-75, Jon Wyffels 38-42-80, Spencer Aufenthie 41-43-84, Alex Buysse 45-42-87.

MANKATO EAST: Carter Haley 37-36-73, Chris Sedaka 39-36-75, Carson Haley 39-41-80, John Bundy 39-43-82, Judd Schulz 43-45-85, Josh Stoniker 45-46-91.

NEW ULM: Kelton Schmitz 40-34-74, Ethan Kraus 43-36-79, Tanner Zupfer 41-40-81, Matt Saffert 43-39-82, Peder Johnson 44-40-44, Colin Huffman 39-46-85.

MANKATO WEST: Matt Newman 40-35-75, Galt Goetti 40-40-80, Brett Muligan 43-42-85, Tripp Bastain 46-40-86, Reily Fazio 43-48-91, Justin Else 43-50-93.

REDWOOD VALLEY: Adam Hengel 37-38-75, Mitch Fischer 42-42-84, Joe Smith 43-42-85, Brennen Fuhr 50-49-99, Jay Ortmann 53-50-103.

WORTHINGTON: Will Mulder 43-41-84, Jaren Solt 41-45-86, Tyler Van Houe 42-45-87, Jake Weg 44-45-89, Logan Ellenbecker 47-51-98.

MARSHALL ORANGE: John Botsford 44-41-85, Kooper Veldhulsen 43-45-88, Spencer Ehlers 43-45-88, Austin Edwards 46-43-89, Taylor Rasmussen 48-43-91, Mason Plante 46-50-96.

FAIRMONT: Joe Nordquist 41-42-83, Sam Havnen 52-40-92, Cole Huinker 46-50-96, Trason Arens 52-50-102, Derrick Hohensee 50-55-105, Joey Peterson 63-70-133.


TEAM STANDINGS: 1. Marshall Black 350, 2. Mankato East 389, 3. New Ulm 420, 4. Mankato West 436, 5. Marshall Orange 444, 6. Worthington 451.

INDIVIDUAL STANDINGS: 1. Hannah Peterson (MB) 39-41-80, 2. Jessica Blanchard (MB) 40-44-84, 3. Caitlin Clause (ME) 44-45-89, 4. Caylin Steinberg (ME) 44-45-89, 5. Kami Love (MB) 44-45-89.

MARSHALL BLACK: Hannah Peterson 39-41-80, Jessica Blanchard 40-44-84, Kami Love 44-45-89, Kirsten Webskowski 45-52-97, Ana Schwartz 51-55-106, Sarah Vogl 56-54-110.

MANKATO EAST: Caitlin Clause 44-45-89, 4. Caylin Steinberg 44-45-89, Alexis Just 48-55-103, Emily Stengel 51-57-108, Rachel LeBeau 53-55-108, Chrish Kocher 64-63-127.

NEW ULM: Corrine McKeith 52-47-99, Tasha Holm 50-51-101; Julia Schaefer 58-51-109, Kendra Clyne 55-56-111, Sydney Byro 57-57-114.

MANKATO WEST: Emily Smith 48-49-97, Mari Buseth 45-53-98, Allison Luwendinski 62-56-118, Lauren Smith 61-62123, Mara Salfer 63-65-128, Lacy Kloeckel 78-69-147.

MARSHALL ORANGE: Gabby Pogatchnik 52-50-102; Eden Duetz 53-53-106, Olivia Peterson 56-61-117, Anna Jennings 58-61-119; Sameh Hedlin 64-58-122, Addy Wolbaum 56-58-124..

WORTHINGTON: Tyree Murray 54-54-108, Selina Haa 60-52-112, Becca Christensen 56-58-114. Ashley Hoefler 54-63-117, Keliey Anderson 72-74-146.