Lyon County Board of Commissioners

April 15, 2014


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Summary of the Proceedings of the Lyon County Board

9:00 a.m. pursuant to notice the Lyon County Commissioners met with the following members present: Commissioners Anderson, Sanow, Ritter and Goodenow. Also present: County Administrator Stomberg, Attorney Maes. Commissioner Stensrud was absent.

MSP to approve the agenda with the removal of ADM Legislation Proposal.

MSP to approve the Consent Agenda.

MSP to approve the Turkey Hunting Resolution for Garvin Park to run from April 16-May 10, 2014, with hours from half an hour before sunrise until noon.

MSP to set the Public Hearing for the 5-year Capital Improvement Plan on April 15 at 10:00 a.m.

MSP to approve Lyon County being the sponsor for the Minnesota Public Sector Collaborative and have the County Administrator sign the document on behalf of Lyon County.

MSF to commit up to $51,146 for furnishings for the Lyon County Library. Motion failed with Commissioners Anderson and Goodenow voting in favor and Commissioners Ritter and Sanow voting against. Commissioner Stensrud was absent.

MSP to approve the CUP for K-Communications for the construction of a Broadband Tower located in Monroe Township with the conditions presented.

MSP to approve the CUP for Craig and Cory Staufacker with the conditions presented. Commissioner Anderson abstained from voting due to a conflict of interest.

MSP to approve Option 1 and stay with Leidos. Current approved Work Order Requests would be sub-contracted to Liesch. Randall & Cami would continue to work with the County. Randall & Cami could have access to all Leidos electronic files. We would then contract with Liesch or conduct an RFQ to obtain consultants oversight for this year. Conduct an RFQ in the fall for new consultant services.

MSP made to allow Engineer VanMoer to do the design work for the North and South road at Twin Lakes Park and apply for safety grants.

MSP to approve the low bid for a 2014 International Tandem Diesel Truck Chassis from Olson & Johnson International of $106,735.36 with the 60 day speculation.

MSP to approve the extended warranty.

MSP to approve the purchase of the truck box and plow equipment at a cost of $106,795.00 from Towmaster Truck Equipment.

MSP to accept the donation of the memorial bench at the Garvin Park ball field.

MSP to approve the resolution as presented to approve the positions of County Recorder and County Auditor/Treasurer to be appointed. A roll call vote was conducted and all voted in favor.

MSP to accept the resignation of Correctional Officer Jon Krogman.

MSP to approve the hiring of Greg Barnes and Amanda Zenoby as Correctional Officers to begin on or about April 1, 2014.

MSP to adjourn at 11:00 a.m.

A copy of these proceedings are available in the County Administrator Office of Lyon County and also available at