Lincoln County OKs Hendricks residential development

IVANHOE – At its regular meeting Tuesday, the Lincoln County Board approved the registered land plat for a new residential development in Hendricks.

David Blees, Hendricks city administrator, presented on the Kings Court Addition located off of County Highway 17, between Oak Street and Chavis Drive, southwest of the hospital. The new cul-de-sac will be named Mueller Drive and includes 10 lots ranging from 15,027 square feet to 25,600 square feet. The project is meant to coincide with the redevelopment of the Hendricks Community Hospital.

Blees told the board that three of the 10 lots had already been sold and that the development is expected to bring in more than $2 million in residential housing. Lots in the addition have been priced at $34,000 each with the incentive of lot choice on a first-come, first-served basis. Blees indicated that the contractor is able to start the project right away.

“We could have road, curb and gutter by the end of June,” he said. Water and sewer is expected to be installed soon.

Land owners concerned about a benefit redetermination of Judicial Ditch 28 were present at Tuesday’s meeting. Robert Olsen, environmental administrator, reported that there are currently two sets of benefits for the ditch and that it needs to be redetermined into one set. It was unclear as to why a full redetermination was not made during improvements to the ditch. The board tabled the redetermination decision until May after a Lac qui Parle Watershed meeting will take place and considerations of turning over full ditch authority to the county board will be discussed.

The board approved a request to update electricity and water hookups at Hole in the Mountain Park in Lake Benton. Daryl Schlapkohl of the parks department had budgeted $26,000 to use for utilities at the park. After bids were received, an estimate of $23,000 was calculated for installing 20 new campsite pedestals with 50/30/20 amp power and water hookups. Schlapkohl said that it was currently not required to update the water lines but installing new two-inch pipes to bring the lines up to code made sense since it could be done while new electrical lines were installed.

In other business, the board approved the replacement of a Lincoln County Highway Department pickup truck. Dale Halbersma, county engineer, brought forward bids, and a state bid on a 2014 Dodge for $23,790.97 from Nelson Auto Center in Fergus Falls was accepted to replace a 1992 Chevrolet. Board member Rick Hammer commented that he would have liked to purchase a truck from a Lincoln County business, but no bid was submitted from an in-county dealership.

Halbersma also asked the board to consider requesting a speed study be done on County Highway 17 by the Minnesota Department of Transportation. A roughly two-block stretch of road near the golf course, just outside city limits, currently has a highway speed limit of 55 mph. Concerns about golf cart, bicycle and lawn mower traffic has prompted Hendricks city officials to question the current speed limit.

Citizens from Hendricks said that the golf course clubhouse has moved, so cart access has changed, but the study isn’t just because of golf carts; kids are biking to school on the road and the area is becoming more residential. There have been opposing views concerning a change to the speed limit and the request for MnDOT to do a speed survey would be a chance for an unbiased opinion.

“We are always talking about safety, and I think this is one issue that is important,” said board member Larry Hansen. The board voted in favor to request the speed study.

The board also approved a new ordinance that will allow the county to issue off-sale liquor licenses. The respective township, county sheriff and county attorney will also need to sign off on any license approvals.