Short takes for April 18

Another one down


This week we said good-bye to Marshall’s Pizza Hut, the second East College Drive pizza joint to die off in the last two years. Pizza Hut closed Monday, almost two years to the day its neighbor, Godfather’s Pizza, shut its doors. It was a unique situation on East College Drive, as two pizza places, two rivals and competitors for our dollars, co-existed side-by-side for so long. Now, they’re both gone. What a shame. The Marshall Pizza Hut’s franchisee didn’t bother to return our calls, so we still don’t know the entire story behind the closing, but we hope this is not a sign of things to come in Marshall. Two iconic restaurants closing within two years is not a good thing. This is a city that prides itself on growth and has worked to become a destination spot, not only for out-of-town hunters, but for sports families as well. We hope if we do someday draw those crowds with our great new venues like the track and field complex and the new sports center, there will still be places left for families to eat. We say that tongue-in-cheek, but losing three (including Caldo) sit-down restaurants in such a small window of time is a negative trend for this city and one we hope gets reversed soon.

Winter’s grip


Winter can be beautiful and we Minnesotans are plenty used to it, but enough is enough already. After a long, very cold winter, we were teased with spring-like weather last week only to get nailed with another storm Wednesday, this one resulting in about 2 new inches of wet snow – plenty to throw a wrench into the spring sports season and more than enough to muck up our roads and cause traffic headaches. Thankfully, things are looking up for this holiday weekend, and next week’s 60- to 70-degree weather will help make us forget about the latest shot of winter. If there is a silver lining to this week’s wet snowfall, maybe it’s that it will help with the moisture content in our soil, and farmers won’t have to worry so much about drought-like conditions.

‘Good discussions’


We’re pleased to see separate talks have taken place between the city, county and library and a mediator concerning the partnership with the Plum Creek regional library system. Lyon County commissioners in December announced their intent to leave the Plum Creek system because of conflicts about the Marshall-Lyon County Library’s autonomy within the system. Communication will be key if this issue is to be resolved before July 1, which is when the MLCL is slated to leave the regional system.