Movies with messages

The letter to the editor printed above is right on, and it’s refreshing to see Hollywood offering up positive movies that deliver healthy and hopeful messages. It only makes sense that movies such as “God’s not Dead” and “Heaven is for Real” hit the theaters at this time of year – that’s marketing, something that Hollywood has been doing for decades and is pretty good at. Christmas movies at Christmastime, potential blockbusters during the summer – it’s all in the timing, and the timing couldn’t have been better for the aforementioned movies.

But we would like to see these kinds of movies hit the theaters all year long. Why just limit good, Christian movies to this time of year? Just because there’s better potential for profit? The messages these films deliver surely can resonate throughout the year, can’t they? If the movie is good enough it surely will draw well no matter what time of year it is.

It’s important our youth get exposed to movies like “God’s not Dead” and “Heaven is for Real.” Hopefully, such productions will inspire them to get more involved in their church – or at least get them to look forward to attending church and get them asking questions.

Hollywood peppers us with a constant barrage of horror flicks, action movies loaded with sex, violence and profanity, and romantic comedies that do little to stimulate our teenagers.

And while Captain America stole the show this past weekend at the box office and animated movies are still a huge draw for kids, faith-based films seem to be garnering their fair share of attention as well (TriStar’s “Heaven” came in third place at the box office during the weekend, grossing $21.5 million. Also in the top 10 were “Noah” (9) and “God’s Not Dead” (10).

We all know our youth can be influenced by what they see on TV and in the theaters; it sure is nice to see a new trend possibly developing – a trend that focuses on faith and that can inspire our youth to do good things and be better people.