Faith in action for April 26

Benedictines in Marshall

There was an inspired young man who lived in a small town in Italy about 1,500 years ago. He grew in awareness that a life of learning and moderation in all things, always reaching for truth, was a sound spiritual path. He penned an account of this “way of life” which fostered humility, reverence for every person and the cultivation of loving communities. Today we know his teachings as The Rule of Saint Benedict. Throughout the centuries, Benedictine values and practices have profoundly changed the world.

Dear Marshall Neighbors,

We are Benedictine Sisters from Crookston. In November of 2012, we left our mother monastery and moved to Marshall. We have come to share our lives and the tradition of Benedict with women and men who are also working hard to live out their faith in today’s world. We are organized as the Benedictines of Marshall, a religious community rooted in the Gospel.

In our first year here, we met many wonderful people who share so much of what Benedictines value – openness to diversity, the commitment to receiving one another as we receive Christ, fidelity to prayer and life-long learning. Several of our Marshall friends have become true partners as we plan and carry out our work together. We love having guests over for an afternoon or evening “spiritual enrichment” video and good conversation. We offer spiritual direction, retreats, study of the Rule and Benedictine life and participation in community prayer. We are also happy to share our small spiritual resource library.

This fall we will have a workshop on the preparedness and practices of those who are called to serve others. We will follow the ecumenical BeFriender Ministry course, which offers many opportunities for personal growth that can strengthen relationships with spouse, family and friends. The workshop experience may also lead to service as a BeFriender. In this ministry, volunteers serve with compassion as the presence of Christ, visiting the homebound, adults with special needs, elders, or others in difficult transitions. More details about the fall workshop will be available in late summer.

Please call us if you would like more information about the Benedictines of Marshall and our work. Our prayer for your good is constant.

Sister Lenore Paschke, OSB

Benedictines of Marshall