The boomer generation

Ahh, the Boomer Generation – it’s a hot topic for those serving seniors and I am a Boomer. It was a key focus of a state conference in which I recently attended. So many points that I have seen and known to be true- were presented with research data to back it up. Yet as few other points were new. If you are part of the Boomer Generation (born between 1946 to 1964) here are a few points of interest:

The Boomer Generation is comprised of two generations. The true Boomers born between 1946-1954. Characterized in general by assertive, results, oriented and influential. Second generation – the Jonesers (named after the individual who discovered it) born between 1955-1964. Characterized in general by political, skeptical, practical, idealists and wanting leadership.

The Baby Boomer (including Jonesers) Generation is NOT healthier than their parents. Boomers have higher levels than their parents for


High Cholesterol



According to the AMA (American Medical Association-

7 percent of Baby Boomers used a cane or other device to help them walk, compared to 3 percent in the previous generation.

13 percent of Baby Boomers have a type of limitation in their ability to complete daily tasks – like going up steps or mowing the lawn – compared with 8.8 percent of those in the previous generation.

The discussion point then is – which we talked about at the conference – where is the delicate balance between boomers working longer to have more money versus enjoying retirement while they are still healthy enough, before the chronic health issue becomes worse. A difficult but appropriate question to ask- “Have you thought about it for yourself or for a parent?”

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