Healthy babies top the bottom line

Hundreds of people will be marching for healthy babies May 3 at Marshall Middle School. It’s the annual March for Babies which raises money to support the mission of the March of Dimes to improve the health of babies.

Nearly half a million babies will be born premature in our country this year. One in 10 babies born in Lyon County is born too soon and too small. The emotional impact on families is high.

But what if you’re not having a baby? You should also know about the financial costs of premature birth. The cost to businesses is astronomical. Childbirth and newborn care represent the most expensive conditions billed to commercial insurers for hospital care. They account for seven of the top 10 most expensive individual hospital procedures billed.

Prematurity affects almost 11 percent of babies covered by employer health plans. That places a multibillion-dollar burden on business with employers billed more than $12 billion annually in excess health costs. In addition, individual companies lose thousands of dollars in absenteeism and lost productivity.

What can you do at your workplace to improve the health of babies? The March of Dimes offers our Healthy Babies Healthy Business program at no cost to employers looking to improve pregnancy outcomes within their workforce.

Healthy Babies Healthy Business includes access to pregnancy health education content in English and Spanish directly from your intranet or other web-based access point. Your employees also get access to our health education specialists who can answer questions on a confidential basis. You’ll also receive a free kit of print materials for use in an information kiosk.

To view the demo and create you company’s URL visit By partnering with the March of Dimes, we’re working together for stronger, healthier babies.