Public Informational Meeting

April 30, 2014


T.H. 23 / South Saratoga Street

Reduced Conflict Intersection and Pedestrian Overpass Project



The City of Marshall and the Marshall Area Chamber Transportation Group are excited to announce that a Public Informational meeting will be held on Monday, May 5, 2014 at 5:30 p.m in the Community Room of the Marshall-Lyon County Library located at 201 “C” Street regarding the above?referenced project.

This safety improvement project will provide a pedestrian/bicycle grade separation over T.H. 23, prevent vehicle traffic from a direct crossing of T.H. 23, and provide J?turn access on T.H. 23 for northbound and southbound Saratoga Street traffic.

The intent of the project is to reduce the conflicts that presently exist between through traffic on TH 23 and cross traffic on Saratoga Street and to improve safety at the intersection. This intersection is a significant safety concern for the State, the Minnesota Department of Transportation District, and the local community.

The pedestrian overpass and trail portion of the project will construct a pedestrian and bicycle overpass of TH 23. A trail leading up to the overpass will also need to be constructed from Southview Drive to Genesis Avenue.

Presently, there are no pedestrian or bicycle accommodations at the intersection, leaving pedestrians and bicyclists to find other routes or to cross the area on their own without any traffic control or provisions. The closest alternate route for crossing TH 23 that has pedestrian and bicycle provisions at the intersection is along US 59. This intersection is signalized. For those living closer to Saratoga Street, this is out of the way and it does not necessarily get people to the destinations that are closer to Saratoga Street, such as the middle school, library and some medical facilities. Additionally, the US 59 crossing does not address the lack of opportunities for pedestrians and bicyclists to safely cross TH 23 at Saratoga Street. TH 23 is a busy highway approximately 10,000 vehicles per day, with a high number of larger trucks as part of the vehicle mix and high posted speeds 55 miles per hour. This combination of factors, along with a lack of a controlled intersection limits opportunities for pedestrians and bicyclists and increases safety risks as the city continues to grow.

Representatives from the City of Marshall, the Chamber Transportation Committee, Lyon County and the Minnesota Department of Transportation will conduct a presentation and answer questions at the informational meeting.