WOW! Internet, Cable and Phone Customers

May 1, 2014

Important Notice for WOW! Internet, Cable and Phone Customers:

Effective June 1, 2014, the following monthly rate will change Cable Modem Lease Fee $7.00; EMTA Lease Fee $7.00; Home Assure/Line Assure (renamed Service Protection Plan) $5.00; Service Protection Plan $5.00; Wireless Modem $10.00. Also, effective June 1, 2014, the following fees will change Additional Component Cables $20.00;

Additional HDMI Cables $40.00; Additional Universal Remote Control $20.00; Downgrade Fee (no technician required) $2.50; Downgrade Fee (technician required) $20.00; Home Networking Connection $50.00; Installation of Service $50.00; Move or Transfer of Service Fee $30.00; Move, Rewire, or Install Outlet $20.00; Installation of Additional Phone Jack $20.00; Technician Visit for Equipment Pick-Up $50.00; Technician Visit for Upgrade $50.00; Technician Visit/Truckroll $50.00; Wall Fish (per wall) $30.00.