A ‘natural skating talent’

MARSHALL -?Wanting to go further in her skating, Becca Klein decided to take on a challenge.

Klein, a junior at Marshall High School, recently completed the USFSA Senior Moves in the Field Test. Four years ago, Caitlyn Schaeffer, also from Marshall, accomplished that feat.

Klein has been skating since she was 4 years old, which was 13 years ago.

“I just love the feeling of being free on the ice, nothing else matters, and you can just clear your head,” Klein said.

In her 13 years of skating, Klein said the most challenging aspect has been moving up levels.

“It bumps up the competition,” she said. Klein started skating competitively when she was in the third grade.

Klein also travels to New Ulm and St. Cloud for extra work on her skating.

“They have higher-level coaches,” she said, and there’s more ice time available throughout the year. She started riding along with Schaeffer for extra training in the fourth grade. “I just wanted to excel a lot and be as good as I can be, reach my full potential.”

Klein also attends a skating camp for two weeks in the summer at Shattuck-St. Mary’s, something she’s done since she was in the fourth grade.

“That’s like the highlight of my year every year, it’s just amazing,” Klein said.

Klein took the Moves in the Field test on March 14 in Mankato. She said the test has eight levels, and each level on average has about six patterns that take 15 minutes each.

“It’s a gold-medal test, I’m the second one to pass it in Marshall, Caitlyn was the first,” Klein said. She said she will also take the freeskate test, which is eight levels and involves jumps and spins.

“Becca has a natural skating talent,” said local skating coach Jodi Schreurs. “She is very determined and a great learner. With that said, she can put her mind toward accomplishing anything with skating and succeed.”

When she learned that she had passed the test, Klein said she and those with her became emotional.

“All of us girls there just started crying; it was amazing, it was just waterworks,” Klein said.

Klein said she’ll take the freeskate test sometime next year, but in the meantime, she’ll continue to prepare.

“I’ll be skating twice a week in St. Cloud this summer,” Klein said.