PREP BOYS AND GIRLS TRACK AND FIELD: Luverne boys, girls sweep titles during team section meet

SLAYTON – The Luverne girls and boys track and field team proved to have the strongest depth, earning the right to advance to the 2014 State True Team meet in two weeks, after coming out on top of 11 other teams in the Section 3A True Team meet Monday in Slayton.

The Luverne girls tallied 701.50 points in the unique meet, which allows each team to enter two individuals in every event and to score points for every competitor, from first to last place. With 12 teams, first-place finishers earned 24 points, while the last place person score one point.

The Cardinal girls capitalized on the relays, winning three of the four events and earning 36 team points with each victory.

The Luverne boys collected 684 team points and, like the girls, will represent Section 3A at the State True Team meet at Stillwater. The Cardinals won two of the four relay races and finished second in the other two.

Canby/Minneota/Lincoln HI girls took second place with 535 points and will await the results of a paper meet on Friday to see if they can edge out seven other second-place teams and capture the wild-card slot which also advances to the State True Team meet.

“We were hoping that both the girls and boys could get in the top two,” CML coach Beth Jessen said. “We thought we had a good chance of doing that. We were missing a few boys (sickness) and that kind of hurt today.”

The Lancer boys took third place Jackson County Central. Nathan Pavek had a stellar day for CML, winning the 110-meter hurdles (15.77 seconds) and the 300 hurdles (42.12), taking third in the high jump (5-foot-8) and fourth in the long jump (18-10.5).

“I’m exhausted, but the race was good,” Pavek said after winning the 300 hurdles. “It was hard because you were running into the wind at first, for the first 150 meters actually. I’m happy with how it went, though I’m hoping to keep taking some seconds and tenths off my time. I felt really good in the 110 hurdles, too. I hit the hurdles in stride and it went well for me.”

This year marks the first in many that CML competed in the Section 3A True Team meet, having been in Class AA the past few years.

“We were up a class, so we didn’t even go to True Team last year,” Pavek said. “But we have a lot of depth on our team again, so it would be nice to win it.”

Wyatt Johansen won the 3,200 run for CML in 10:38.10, while Travis Dinius finished fourth (10:59.21). McKinley Johansen was fourth in the 800 run.

Canby also won the 3,200 relay in 8:46.31.

Morgan Merritt collected a trio of second-place finishes for the Lancers, taking second in the 100 hurdles (15.92), the 300 hurdles (48.34) and the long jump (15-7.50).

Emily Gillingham was second in the 800 run (2:32.41). Leah Jessen finished third in the 3,200 run (12:33.33). Gillingham and Jessen also joined Sydney Sisk and Kalli Jelen on the second-place 3,200 relay team (10:13.85).

Morgan Citterman took second place in the shot put (33-10.75) for CML, while Meghan Travis finished second in the pole vault (7-0). Amber Schuster took third in the long jump (14-11.75) for the Lancers.

Tracy-Milroy-Balaton girls finished fifth with 470 points. Like the Lancers, the Panthers were also battling some illness issues throughout the day, but they managed to put together some solid performances.

Sammie Gervais took first in the high jump for TMB, clearing 5-0, while teammate Kendra Ludeman finished third.

Kristin Vogl, Alyssa Gleis, Sarita Hook and Cassie Hook took third in the 3,200 relay (10:47.43) for the Panthers. Anna Peterson added a third-place finish in the pole vault, making a height of 7-0.

Kendra Nelson, Kaylee Kirk, Gervais and Taylor Schmidt joined forces to pick up a third-place finish in the 800 relay (1:55.77). Kassidy Przymus was fourth in the discus (100-4), while Ludeman added a fourth-place finish in the 400 run (1:03.89).

Hannah Schmidt was first in the long jump (16-3.50) for Murray County Central, which placed ninth overall as a team, while Nicole Thovson was fifth (14-7.50). Paris Thomas took third in the 300 hurdles (49.01) and fifth in the 100 hurdles (17.19) for MCC.

“It was a beautiful day for a meet,” Schmidt said. “I’m just coming back after being out with a hamstring injury for three weeks, so I was expecting too much. I’m happy with how I did today. I was supposed to be in the 4×400, too, but I knew I’d had enough after the 200 dash.”

Schmidt was fifth in the 100 (13.45) dash and sixth in the 200 dash (27.97).

“We don’t have too big of a girls team, but we still did well,” Schmidt said. “We did the best we could and I’m proud of how we did.”

For the Rebel boys, who finished fifth out of 12 teams, Tyler Scotting earned a second-place finish in the shot put (50-11) and fourth-place finishes in the 100 (11.42) and 200 (23.51) dashes.

Jack Erickson took third in the 1,600 run (4:52.35). Erickson and Andy Garza also added a fourth- and fifth-place finish, respectively, for MCC in the 800 run.

TMB finished in sixth place overall. Josh Kirk was second in the long jump (19-3.50). Scott Lanoue took second in the pole vault (10-0), while Asa Nelson was third (10-0). Nelson also finished fourth in the 300 hurdles (43.43). Rick Jorgenson was fifth in the long jump (18-4.25). Matt LaVoy collected a third-place finish for the Panthers in the 3,200 run (10:54.22).


TEAM STANDINGS: 1. Luverne 684, 2. Jackson County Central 633, 3. Canby/Minneota/Lincoln HI 503, 4. Windom Area 454, 5. Murray County Central 449, 6. Tracy-Milroy-Balaton 411.50, 7. Fulda 364, 8. Pipestone Area 359, T9. Hills-Beaver Creek and Southwest Minnesota Christian/Edgerton 338, 11. Adrian Area 255, 12. Springfield/Cedar Mountain/Comfrey 218.50.

100 DASH: 1. Jon Ehde (Luverne) 11.15, 4. Tyler Scotting (MCC) 11.42.

200 DASH: 1. Kirk Thone (Luverne) 22.77, 4. Tyler Scotting (MCC) 23.51, 5. Bas Laros (TMB) 24.11.

400 DASH: 1. Dirk Thone (Luverne) 51.89.

800 RUN: 1. Chaz Kleinschmidt (S/CM/C) 2:05.46, 4. McKinley Johansen (CML) 2:11.51, 5. Jack Erickson (MCC) 2:16.51, 6. Andy Garza (MCC) 2:13.63.

1,600 RUN: 1. Cody Hess (Luverne) 4:47.92, 3. Jack Erickson (MCC) 4:52.35, 5. Matt LaVoy (TMB) 4:56.63, 6. Andy Garza (MCC) 5:01.92.

3,200 RUN: 1. Wyatt Johansen (CML) 10:38.10, 3. Matt LaVoy (TMB)10:54.22, 4. Travis Dinius (CML) 10:59.21, 6. Clayton Hartle (MCC) 11:32.89.

110 HURDLES: 1. Nathan Pavek (CML) 15.77, 6. Asa Nelson (TMB) 17.95.

300 HURDLES: 1. Nathan Pavek (CML) 42.12, 4. Asa Nelson (TMB) 43.43, 6. Taylor Johns (MCC) 45.16.

400 RELAY: 1. Luverne (Jackson Winter, Blake Richters, Quinton Siebenahler, Jon Ehde) 46.01, TMB (Zach Seaton, Rick Jorgenson, Scott Lanoue, Josh Kirk) 48.41.

800 RELAY: 1. Luverne (Jackson Winter, Blake Richters, Trenton Rops, Dirk Thone) 1:34.00, 4. CML (Devon Buffington, Branson Moen, Garrett Hennen, Matthew Sisk) 1:42.55.

1,600 RELAY: 1. JCC (Ryan Salzwedel, Matthew Strom, Warren Darling, Jeremy Riggenberg) 3:41.90, 3. TMB (Asa Nelson, Matt LaVoy, Hayden Sanders, Bas Laros) 3:45.66, 4. Canby (Travis Dinius, (name not available), McKinley Johansen, Billy Deslauriers) 3:46.91, 5. MCC (Dakota ThunderHawk, Jack Erickson, Andy Garza, Andrew Foreman) 3:54.83.

3,200 RELAY: 1. Canby (Travis Dinius, Wyatt Johansen, McKinley Johansen, Mitchel Johansen) 8:46.31, 5. MCC (Clayton Hartle, Patrick Platt, Jacob Boerboom, Michael Christoffels) 9:45.03, 6. TMB (Christian Devereaux, Nathan Wieme, Nathanael Przybilla, Nick Timmerman) 9:45.65.

DISCUS: 1. Cody Rofshus (Luverne) 142-01.

HIGH JUMP: 1. Collin Moeller (Pipe) 5-10, 3. Nathan Pavek (CML) 5-8, 6. Taylor Johns (MCC) 5-6.

LONG JUMP: 1. Warren Darling (JCC) 19-8.50, 2. Josh Kirk (TMB) 19-3.50, 4. Nathan Pavek (CML) 18-10.50, 5. Rick Jorgenson (TMB) 18-4.25.

POLE VAULT: 1. Alex Holmes (Fulda) 11-6, 2. Scott Lanoue (TMB) 10-0, 3. Asa Nelson (TMB) 10-0, 5. Billy Deslauriers (CML) 9-6.

SHOT PUT: 1. Cody Rofshus (Luverne) 52-10.75, 2. Tyler Scotting (MCC) 50-11.

TRIPLE JUMP: 1. Victor Ogeka (Windom Area) 41-11.75.


TEAM STANDINGS: 1. Luverne 701.50, 2. Canby/Minneota/Lincoln HI 535, 3. Pipestone Area 494.50, 4. Southwest Minnesota Christian 490, 5. Tracy-Milroy-Balaton 470 6. Jackson County Central 464.50 , 7.Springfield/Cedar Mountain/Comfrey 462, 8. Windom Area 352.50, 9. Murray County Central 347, 10. Fulda 251, 11. Adrian Area 241.50, 12. Hills-Beaver Creek 232.50.

100 DASH: 1. Tayla Peterson (Luverne) 13.09, 5. Hannah Schmidt (MCC)13.45, 6. Nicole Thovson (MCC) 13.59.

200 DASH: 1. Tayla Peterson (Luverne) 26.99, 6. Hannah Schmidt (MCC) 27.97.

400 DASH: 1. Nicole Slater (Adrian Area) 1:01.72, 4. Kendra Ludeman (TMB) 1:03.89.

800 RUN: 1. Jadyn Anderson (Luverne) 2:30.18, 2. Emily Gillingham (CML) 2:32.41, 5. Natalie Dinius (CML) 2:34.07.

1,600 RUN: 1. Nicole Slater (Adrian Area) 5:22.18, 6. Natalie Dinius (CML) 5:46.81.

3,200 RUN: 1. Nicole Slater (Adrian Area) 11:58.33, 3.Leah Jessen, (CML) 12:33.33.

100 HURDLES: 1. Maria Spanier (Pipestone) 15.82, 2. Morgan Merritt (CML) 15.92, 5. Paris Thomas (MCC)17.19.

300 HURDLES: 1. Maria Spanier (Pipestone) 47.01, 2. Morgan Merritt (Canby) 48.34, 3. Paris Thomas (MCC) 49.01.

400 RELAY: 1. Luverne (Sierra Schmuck, Naomi Dooyema, Kayla Thone, Tianna Doppenberg) 52.99 5. TMB (Kendra Nelson, Alecia Christian, Anna Peterson, Kaylee Kirk) 56.84.

800 RELAY: 1. Luverne (Joci Oye, Naomi Dooyema, Kynzie Smedsrud, Tayla Peterson) 1:50.53, 3. TMB (Kendra Nelson, Kaylee Kirk, Sammie Gervais, Taylor Schmidt) 1:55.77, 5. CML (Rachel Jessen, Meghan Travis, Taylor Thooft, Morgan Merritt) 1:57.45.

1,600 RELAY: 1. Springfield/Cedar Mountain/Comfrey 4:20.89, 4. CML (Emily Gillingham, Natalie Dinius, Leah Jessen, Kalli Jessen) 4:27.89.

3,200 RELAY: 1. Luverne (Jadyn Anderson, Gabrielle Ferrell, Makayla Hohn, Anna Tofteland) 9:59.58, 2. CML (Leah Jessen, Sydney Sisk, Emily Gillingham, Kalli Jelen) 10:13.85, 3. TMB (Kristin Vogl, Alyssa Gleis, Sarita Hook, Cassandra Hook) 10:47.43.

DISCUS: 1. Kami Sawtelle (Luverne) 112-4, 4. Kassidy Przymus (TMB) 100-4, 5. Morgan Citterman (CML) 97-7.

HIGH JUMP: 1. Sammie Gervais (TMB) 5-0, 3.Kendra Ludeman (TMB) 4-10, 5. Meghan Travis (CML) 4-9, 6. Taylor Vandeputte (CML) 4-7.

LONG JUMP: 1. Hannah Schmidt (MCC) 16-3.5, 2. Morgan Merritt (CML) 15-7.50, 3. Amber Schuster (CML) 14-11.75, 5. Nicole Thovson (MCC) 14-7.50.

POLE VAULT: 1. Amy Muller (Windom) 8-6, 2. Meghan Travis (CML) 7-0, 3. Anna Peterson (TMB) 7-0.

SHOT PUT: 1. Morgan Edwards (Luverne) 35-1, 2. Morgan Citterman (Canby) 33-10.75.

TRIPLE JUMP: 1. Kynzie Smedsrud (Luverne) 33-4.50, 6. Kendra Ludeman (TMB) 30-11.75.