Lincoln County Sheriff Vizecky resigns

IVANHOE – During their regular board meeting, Lincoln County commissioners on Tuesday accepted the resignation of Sheriff Jack Vizecky, effective June 27.

Vizecky, who has served as sheriff for 19 years, will not be filling his term and board members were unsure if they would appoint a temporary sheriff or hold a special election. Vizecky said that his resignation did not coincide with the addition project discussions for the law enforcement center.

During his report to the board, Vizecky also presented an alternative option to building onto the law enforcement center that he received from architect Jeff Nelson at Baldridge & Nelson. The option presented would forgo building an addition and instead call for nearly $60,000 in renovations to the current structure by reducing jail cells and increasing office space. It was estimated that the renovation would probably cost less than the proposed addition, but fees incurred from having to house inmates at other county jails, inmate transportation and increased deputy windshield time could raise costs to the county. The renovation would potentially bring the capacity of the jail from 15 inmates down to five.

The board thanked Vizecky for providing them with an additional option to bring more office and training space to the law enforcement center. As it stands, the board needs to decide whether to build a new addition, renovate the current facility or do nothing. One aspect of the new addition is the need for more electrical housing. The board approved a motion to move forward with the electrical addition by contacting the architect, Nelson, to assist in planning what needs must be met for housing radio and communications equipment. The rest of the addition might have to wait until a new sheriff is elected and the board hears of a new vision for the law enforcement center.

In other business, the board reviewed bids presented by county engineer Dustin Hauschild for road work in Lincoln County. Bids for a project to pave County Road 7 from the southern county line to Tyler, as well as sections of road between Tyler and Arco, were presented. The engineer’s estimate came in at $603,920.80 with bids from Duininck Bros Inc. for $604,617.35 and McLaughlin & Schulz for $584,277.92. The board voted unanimously to accept the low bid from McLaughlin & Schulz.

Bids for materials to conduct the county’s annual highway seal-coating were also presented. The engineer’s estimate came in at $276,125.00 with bids from Flint Hills Resources for $266,215.00 and Jebro Inc. for $273,769.16. The board voted unanimously to accepted the low bid from Flint Hill Resources.

Hauschild also gave an update to the board on the upcoming U.S. Highway 14 project. Construction is scheduled to begin and a detour starting in Tyler will be in effect Monday. The project stretches from Florence to Tracy and will consist of resurfacing and bridge work in Florence and Balaton. The project is expected to be completed in November.