SMSU graduates

Southwest Minnesota State University will hold its 46th annual commencement ceremony Saturday. More than 620 graduate and undergraduate students are candidates for master’s, bachelor’s and associate’s degrees, with approximately 415 of those candidates participating in the ceremony starting at 10 a.m. in the R/A Facility at SMSU.

The class of 2014 includes students who will graduate with honors. They are indicated as follows: *cum laude 3.30-3.49 grade-point-average); **magna cum laude 3.50-3.79); and ***summa cum laude 3.80-4.0.). A 3.0 average is a grade of “B” and a 4.0 is a grade of “A.”

Degree candidates:


College of Business, Education, & Professional Studies


Master of Business


Lamberton-Emily Ann Neperman (MBA in Management);

Marshall- Prabinesh Bajracharya (MBA in Management); Christopher Michael Ellingson (MBA in Management); Adam John Henning (MBA in Management); Ashley Ann Johnson (MBA in Management); Joni Marie Klimek (MBA in Management); Abhishek Koirala (MBA in Management); Shreejan Prasad Pandey (MBA in Management); Saugat Raj Poudyal (MBA in Management); Nicole B. Pregler (MBA in Management); Ajeev Shah (MBA in Management); Deepika Shrestha (MBA in Management); Todd Anthony DeVella Stogdill (MBA in Management); Jeana Mayiva Watts (MBA in Management)

Russell-Jonathan William Woehl (MBA in Management);

Wabasso-Brandon Michael Baune (MBA in Management);


Master of Science

Granite Falls-Carrie Louise Speh (MS in Education);

Marshall-Travis James Carroll (MS in Education);

Minneota-Jason Allen Myhre (MS in Education);

Tyler-Jessica Marie Balzarini (MS in Education);


STUDENTS GRADUATES OF THE HONORS PROGRAM: Honors program students design their own programs of General Studies and Rural Studies (subject to approval by the Honors Review Board). Students must maintain a 3.3 overall grade point average.

Minneota-Travis Mark VanOverbeke*** (BS in Computer Science);

Boyd-Danae Gayle Aslesen*** (BA in Music); Dale Michael Schluter* (BS in Computer Science);

Canby-Miriam Ruth Kaczmarek (BS in Marketing); Leah Genevieve Donna Hoffman (BS in Social Work); Ann Marie Pederson* (BS in Finance); Melissa Ann Snobl*** (BS in Elementary Education/Early Childhood Education); Zhenya Deana Ward (BA in Political Science);

Cottonwood-Ariana Lee Anderson*** (BS in Communication Arts & Literature/Secondary Education-English); Easton Arvid Doom (BS in Marketing); Derek Andrew Golberg** (BS in Accounting/Finance); Sharon S. Johnson (BS in Accounting); Jeremy John Labat (BS in Physical Education); Shelby Lynn Ness (BS in Management); Trisha Marie Rykhus (BS in Marketing);

Currie-Michael Jeremy Vogel (BA in Art);

Dawson-Colin Bruce Bergeson (BS in Agribusiness Management); Courtney Noel Huot (BS in Physical Education);

Fulda-Shane Edward Evers (BS in Accounting); Changkuoth Khor Gatchay (BA in Political Science/Philosophy); Paige Lin Roberts (BS in Elementary Education/Early Childhood Education); Margaret Emma Witzel (BS in Social Work);

Garvin-Jessica Ann Peterson (BA in Biology);

Granite Falls-Alyssa Victoria Carmany (BS in Exercise Science); Carrie Christine Smith*** (BA in Psychology); Tracy Dawn Kellen* (BA in Psychology);

Hanley Falls-Kayli Joy Timm*** (BA in Psychology);

Hendricks-Gregory Ryan Pavek* (BS in Environmental Science);

Ivanhoe-Tammy Marie Guza (BS in Accounting); Sara Louise Popowski (BA in Music);

Lake Benton-Shelly Lynn Finzen*** (BS in Communication Arts & Literature/Secondary Education-English/Communication Arts & Literature/Secondary Education-Speech);

Lake Wilson-Duane R. Moerke (BS in Social Work);

Lucan-Sara Marie Kramer (BS in Elementary Education); Owen James Paskewitz* (BS in Management);

Lynd- Mana Rae Hughes (BA in Sociology); Melissa Kay Kor* (BS in Social Work);

Marshall-Azhar Abdalla Adam (BA in Political Science); Reed Joseph Andries** (BAS in Management); Anna Elizabeth Biastock (BA in History); Zachary Thomas Blomme (BS in Management); Thomas John Bot (BS in Management); Ryn James Bursack (BA in History); Gatluak Pal Chuol (BS in Finance); Daniel Steven DeBates (BS in Speech Communication-Radio & Television); Michelle Lee DeVries (BA in History); Kathy Jean Dirckx*** (BS in Accounting); Ashley Marie Edwards (BA in Biology); Ronald James Enno Jr. (BS in Computer Science); Kacee Lee Garman (AA in Liberal Arts & Sciences); Riek Gach Gatluak (BA in Political Science); Caitlyn Jo Johnson** (BA in Mathematics/Chemistry/Biology); Erica Lynn Arndt (BA in Sociology); Teresa S. Kock (BS in Elementary Education); Andrew Dean Larsen (BAS in Law Enforcement Administration); Kayla Pearl MacArthur (BS in Marketing); Amy Lynn Marron* (BS in Early Childhood Education); Sylvia Patton (BA in Political Science); Sylvia Patton (BS in Justice Administration); Tanya Jo Polfliet (BS in Educational Studies); Rachel R. Rekedal (BS in Communication Arts & Literature/Secondary Education-English); Rachael Elizabeth Bucholz (BS in Justice Administration/Political Science); Alyssa Kaye Taveirne (BS in Finance); Robin Lynn VanOverbeke*** (BS in Justice Administration); Kelsey Jo Verdoes (BS in Exercise Science); Shelly Ann Versaevel** (BS in Social Work); Dustin G. Vierstraete (AA in Liberal Arts & Sciences); Bonnie Ann Wasberg (BS in Early Childhood Education); Rachel Marie Westby (BS in Exercise Science);

Minneota-Andrew Owen Kompelien* (BA in Theatre Arts); Will Richard Kurka** (BA in Political Science/Management); Jesus Macias* (BS in Marketing); Jerren Dean Roberts (BS in Agribusiness Management); Jessa Mari Roberts* (BA in Theatre Arts);

Montevideo-ReNae Marie Clark* (BS in Agronomy); Mattison Paige Peters (BS in Social Work); Ashley Ann Rodeberg** (BS in Elementary Education/Early Childhood Education/Special Education);

Pipestone-Sharon Patricia Carlson (BS in Environmental Science); Taylor Ann Swenson*** (BS in Elementary Education);

Redwood Falls-Stephanie Noelle Bruflat (BA in Sociology); Anthony Michael Dunne* (BS in Speech Communication-Radio & Television); Rodney Dean Hoffbeck (BA in Political Science); Megan Kristine O’Leary (BS in Finance); Elizabeth Marie Schoffman* (BA in Art);

Revere-Brandon Lloyd Jenniges* (BS in Computer Science);

Ruthton-Kimberley Marie Einck (BA in Psychology); Kimberley Marie Einck (BS in Social Work);

Sanborn-Joel Michael Wellner (BS in Management);

Slayton-Cole Perry Hegstad (BS in Accounting/Finance); Elizabeth Ann Risacher* (BS in Elementary Education);

Tracy-Edward Thomas Anderson (BS in Justice Administration); Brittany Nicole Larson** (BS in Marketing); Mai Lia Moua** (BA in Medical Laboratory Science); Walker Andrew Schaar (BA in Biology); Megan Kay VanEssen** (BS in Elementary Education/Early Childhood Education); Mai Che Vue (BS in Finance);

Tyler-Katelyne Marie Alderson (BS in Biology Education and a BA in Biology);

Wabasso-Justin Jerry Eichten (BS in Marketing); Sarah Louise Lee** (BA in History); Tara Ann Pitzl (BA in Sociology); Angela Mae Woelfel*** (BS in Accounting);

Walnut Grove-Justin James Knakmuhs* (BS in Management); Benjamin J. Yang* (BA in Art); Pheng Yang (BS in Computer Science);

Westbrook-Mason Scott Comnick (BS in Agribusiness Management); Luke Michael Nelson (BS in Music Education); Sirocco Gold Peterson-Wahl (BA in Biology); Sirocco Gold Peterson-Wahl (BS in Chemistry).