PREP BOYS AND GIRLS GOLF: Blackjacks, Vikings overcome windy day

MINNEOTA/COTTONWOOD – Facing windier-than-normal conditions, the Dawson-Boyd boys and Minneota girls golf teams took the Lakeview Boys and Minneota Girls Golf Invitationals, respectively, Tuesday.

On the boys side, Dawson-Boyd finished with a 344 and were lead by junior Easton Popma, who finished with an 81. The Blackjacks also saw Christian Thoen take third overall with an 85 and Dalton Palmer took 5th with an 87.

Spencer Erickson took seventh with a 91 and Cameron Kemen was just behind him in eighth with a 92.

DB coach Dave Baldwin was glad to see his team battle through the very windy conditions, which measured to be an estimated 15 to 20 miles per hour.

“It’s always good to win,” Baldwin said. “I’m proud of the way our guys battled through the conditions. They were struggling with the wind and the fast greens. It was the same conditions for everybody. They fought through it and I’m proud of them.”

Canby finished second on the girls side with a 434 while Dawson-Boyd was third with a 439, Lakeview had a 456 to finish fourth and Minneota’s JV team rounded out the top five with a 460 on the day.

MACCRAY finished second on the boys side with a 358 while RTR was third with a 373.

Lac qui Parle Valley and and Minneota rounded out the top five with a 387 and 389, respectively.

MACCRAY’s Brady Madsen finished second overall with an 83 while Minneota’s Jeff Gladis was fourth overall with an 85.

On the girls side, Minneota finished with a 396 and dominated the field as they had the top four overall finishers.

Heidi Guttormson and Miranda Jerzak each finished with a 98 to top the leaderboard and Guttormson took the victory on the tournament’s handicap rule.

Kyra Gores and Megan Evers were right behind them, each shooting an even 100 on the day.

Minneota coach Ralph Hagen was especially pleased with the team performance.

“We have great team balance,” Hagen said. “Kyra has been a measuring stick for the past five years or so and when you get the other girls playing as well as her, then that’s a good sign. She really elevates the play of her teammates because she is so competitive.”LAKEVIEW BOYS INVITATIONAL

TEAM STANDINGS: 1. Dawson-Boyd 344, 2. MACCRAY 358, 3. Russell-Tyler-Ruthton 373, 4. Lac qui Parle Valley 387, 5. Minnesota/Lincoln HI 389, 6. Lakeview 405, 7. Canby 412, 8. Wabasso 444.

INDIVIDUAL STANDINGS: 1. Easton Popma (D-B) 81, 2. Brady Madsen (M) 83, 3. Christian Thoen (D-B) 85, 4. Jeff Gladis (M/LHI) 85, 5. Dalton Palmer (D-B) 87, 6. Dean Schroeder (M) 88, 7. Spencer Erickson (D-B) 91, 8. Cameron Kemen (D-B) 92, 9. Nathan VanDrunem (RTR) 92, 10. Riley Sigdahl (LQPV) 93.

DAWSON-BOYD: Easton Popma 81, Christian Thoen 85, Dalton Palmer 87, Spencer Erickson 91, Cameron Kemen 92, Jared Monson 108.

MACCRAY: Brady Madsen 83, Dean Schroeder 88, Issac Gosseling 93, Chuck Rothwell 94, Andrew Gosseling 99, Nathaniel Johnson 116.

RUSSELL-TYLER-RUTHTON: Nathan VanDrunem 92, Hunter Burns 93, Jeremy Alsaker 94, Derrick Whiting 94, Christian Johnson 99, Jacob Peterson 113.

LAC QUI PARLE VALLEY: Riley Sigdahl 93, Joden Kallhoff 96, Hunter Lind 97, Matt Bornhorst 101, Joe Arnold 107, Jamison Warner 114.

MINNEOTA/LINCOLN HI: Jeff Gladis 85, John Piehl 99, Troy Skaar 102, Ryan Twedt 103, Kolin Drietz 110, Joe Buysse 111.

LAKEVIEW: Zach Loemer 92, Hunter Kvistad 101, Taylor Pickthorn 102, Jarrett Geihl 105, Josh Stevens 107, Logan Stelter 110.

CANBY: Landon Anderson 94, Dylan Smith 95, Matt Slaba 108, Jack Citrowski 115, Nolan Fink 117, Austin Polejewski 118.

WABASSO: Chase Haase 113, Shawn Zollner 99, Talon Irlbeck 114, Isaac Hertling 118, Dominic Albu 128, Trent Anderson 140.


TEAM STANDINGS: 1. Minneota/Lincoln HI 396, 2. Canby 434, 3. Dawson-Boyd 439, 4. Lakeview 456, 5. Minneota/Lincoln HI JV 460, 6. Lac qui Parle Valley 537. MACCRAY, Russell-Tyler-Ruthton and Wabasso did not have complete teams.

INDIVIDUAL STANDINGS: 1. (tie) Miranda Jerzak (M/LHI) and Heidi Guttormson (M/LHI) 98, 3. (tie) Kyra Gores (M/LHI) and Megan Evers (M/LHI) 100, 5. Whitney Fischer (L) 102, 6. Taylor Loose (D-B) 103, 7. (tie) Allie Bot (M/LHI) and Abi Morris (C) 104, 8. Natalie Morris (C) 107, 9. (tie) Charlie Josephson (M/LHI), RaeAnn Tuff (D-B) and Tiffany Mogard (M) 108.

MINNEOTA/LINCOLN HI: Miranda Jerzak 98, Heidi Guttormson 98, Kyra Gores 100, Megan Evers 100, Allie Bot 104, Charlie Josephson 108.

CANBY: Abi Morris 104, Natalie Morris 107, Jenna Huber 112, Gabby Nemitz 113, Mallory Fink 111, Haily Citrowski 117.

DAWSON-BOYD: Taylor Loose 103, RaeAnn Tuff 108, Katheryn Madson 110, Tracy Polzine 118, Alisa Fenske 126.

LAKEVIEW: Whitney Fischer 102, Sydney Schake 109, Briatta Buntjer 117, Mikenna Radke 128, Hailey Penske 138.

MINNEOTA/LINCOLN HI JV: Rachel Knutson 110, Brookyn Downing 113, Moriah Mahl 118, Allison Citterman 119, Shelby Standahl 133, Nicole Evers 145.

LAC QUI PARLE VALLEY: Abby Stender 127, Shannon Busse 127, Taylor Dahl 141, Callie Ludvigson 142.

MACCRAY: Tiffany Mogard 108, Isabelle Plagge 115, Lauren Wabben 140.

RUSSELL-TYLER-RUTHTON: Sarah Stanek 132, Grace Ekema 133.

WABASSO: Jenna Hendrickson 118.

Southwest Conference Dual

REDWOOD FALLS – Despite windy conditions, the Marshall girls and boys were able to sweep Redwood Valley in a Southwest Conference dual Tuesday in Redwood Falls.

The Marshall girls dominated the course, winning 183-233. Jessica Blanchard shot a 41 to lead the Tigers, followed by Hanna Peterson’s 45, Sarah Vogl’s 46, Kirsten Webskowski’s 51 and Mallory Griffin’s 56. Kami Love was forced to withdraw from the competition after being struck in the knee by a line drive from another fairway, Marshall coach Nancy Blanchard said.

“I hope Kami is back soon,” Coach Blanchard said. “Overall, we did pretty good. We struggled to start a little bit and a couple of people didn’t have their best days. Sarah and Jessica had better days, so that was good. Gabbie Pogatchnik had a nice day on the JV, too.”

Pogatchnik carded a 45 to lead the JV group, followed by Anna Jennings’s 56, Addy Wolbaum’s 57, Sameh Hedlin’s 60, Brittney Ormberg’s 73 and Amira Hasch’s 77.

“We were down in the valley, but the wind still affected the ball a little bit,” Blanchard said. “Our JV actually scored better than Redwood’s varsity, so that was kind of fun.”

Both the girls and boys teams resume action Friday and Saturday at a 36-hole tournament in Jordan.

“We’ve had a lot of days of golf competition in a row, so we’re definitely ready to get back to practicing a little bit,” Blanchard said. “We need to get our fundamentals back down before we head back out this week.”

While the girls played the front nine, the boys competed on the back nine, which Marshall coach Allen Lucht said had two tricky holes. Despite the challenge, the Tigers won 161-170. Redwood’s Adam Hengel was the medalist with a 2-under par 34.

“It was not that easy to play,” Lucht said. “It’s a course that you have to play a few times. We play it every other year, so we don’t get that used to it.”

Jacob Baker, Alex Buysse and Brent Haukom fired 40s to lead Marshall, while Matt Bennett carded a 41. Matt Christianson added a 45 and John Wyffels had a 46.

“The greens are excellent, but the course is not in real good shape yet,” Lucht said. “It’s kind of dried out, so it’s different playing it. They have the home advantage on you, so you have to gear down, use your head and hopefully you’ll come out on top. I feel like we did okay today. “Golf isn’t always glorious all the time. It likes to kick you back sometimes.”


TEAM STANDINGS: 1. Marshall 161, 2. Redwood Valley 170.

MARSHALL: Jacob Baker 40, Alex Buysse, Brent Haukom 40, Matt Bennett 41, Matt Christianson 45, John Botsford 46.


TEAM STANDINGS: 1. Marshall 183, 2. Redwood Valley 233.

MARSHALL: Jessica Blanchard 41, Hannah Peterson 45, Sarah Vogl 46, Kirsten Webskowski 51, Mallory Griffin 56.

Westbrook-Walnut Grove Boys Invitational

WESTBROOK – Murray County Central topped Windom Area by two strokes to win the Westbrook-Walnut Grove Boys Invitational on Tuesday, shooting a combined team score of 332.

Westbrook-Walnut Grove finished sixth with a score of 398, while Red Rock Central finished eighth with a score of 414.

Individually, Adam Christensen finished third with a 8-over 80 for MCC, three shots behind the co-leaders Windom’s Dylan Pigman and Adrian’s Ben Henning.

TEAM STANDINGS: 1. Murray County Central 332, 2. Windom Area 334, 3. Adrian 350, 4. Southwest Minnesota Christian/Edgerton 380, 5. Fulda 383, 6. Westbrook-Walnut Grove 398, 7. Mountain Lake Area 410, 8. Red Rock Central 414.

INDIVIDUAL STANDINGS: 1. (tie) Dylan Pigman (WA) and Ben Henning (A) 77, 3. Adam Christensen (MCC) 80, 4. (tie) Ryan Clark (WA) and Grant Everson (MCC) 81, 6. Tyler Groves (MCC) 83, 7. (tie) Kyle Ants (WA) and Aaron Walzak (MLA) 84, 9. Collin Kemper (A) 86, 10. Jaden Boerboom (MCC) 88.

MURRAY COUNTY CENTRAL: Adam Christensen 80, Grant Everson 81, Tyler Groves 83, Jaden Boerboom 88, Brad Schrieber 90, Jack Pierson 90.

WESTBROOK-WALNUT GROVE: Trey Dockelman 95, Jack Jorgenson 97, Austin Olson 100, Kyle Kuehl 106, Brandon Pacholl 109, Hunter Gilb 115.

RED ROCK CENTRAL: Zach Kircher 100, Cole Baumann 103, Carter Engen 105, Mark Busswitz 106, Jaden Prechel 111, Max Miller 114.

Fulda Girls Invitational

FULDA – Abby Herding shot an 83 to finish as the medalist at the Fulda Girls Invitational on Tuesday, leading Westbrook-Walnut Grove to a fourth-place finish.

Murray County Central finished fifth, and Red Rock Central finished seventh.

TEAM STANDINGS: 1. Windom Area 379, 2. Adrian 396, 3. Fulda 402, 4. Westbrook-Walnut Grove 437, 5. Murray County Central 484, 6. Southwestern United 504, 7. Red Rock Central 512.

INDIVIDUAL STANDINGS: 1. Abby Herding (RRC) 83, 2. Leigh Hanefeld (WA) 87, 3. Katie Reynolds (F) 93, 4. Alexia Kemper (A) 95, 5. (tie) Kelsey Hanefeld (WA) and Marissa Cartwright (WA) 96, 7. (tie) Marrissa Veld (A) and Katie Wienke (A) 97, 9. Kailey Wendland (SWU) 99, 10. (tie) Brittany Leinen (F), Maitland Vollan (WA) and Emily Jackson (WA) 100.

WESTBROOK-WALNUT GROVE: Abby Herding 83, Deziree Koenig 107, Makenna Takle 119, Brittany Erickson 128.

MURRAY COUNTY CENTRAL: Liz Prahm 104, Hannah Davis 104, Marina Kremer 131, Brittany Lund 145.

RED ROCK CENTRAL: Hannah Sell 118, Maria Johnson 119, Courtney Teveldal 136, Carley Baumann 139.

West Central Conference Meet

SAUK CENTRE/MELROSE – The West Central Conference boys and girls golf meet continued on Tuesday in Sauk Centre and Melrose.

Yellow Medicine East’s Mitch McCosh remains in sixth place after shooting a 41 on the second-nine on Tuesday.

The Sting’s Charles Blue fell from second place to ninth after scoring a 45 on his second-nine, which took place in Melrose.

Jenna Janu shot a combined score of 79 to lead Minnewaska to the victory at the West Central Conference girls golf meet.

Yellow Medicine East finished sixth out of ten teams at the event. The Sting were led by Erica Moritz, who shot 98.


MEET TEAM STANDINGS: 1. Minnewaska Area 20 (points), 2. Bird Island-Olivia-Lake Lillian 18, 3. (tie) Benson/Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg and Melrose Area 12, 5. Yellow Medicine East, Paynesville Area and Sauk Centre 11, 8. Morris Area/Chokio-Alberta 7, 9. Montevideo 5, 10. Atwater-Cosmos-Grove Gity 3.

OVERALL TEAM STANDINGS: 1. Minnewaska Area 60, 3. Yellow Medicine East 44.

YELLOW MEDICINE EAST: Mitch McCosh 41 (167), Charles Blue 45 (168), Sam Jans 48 (175), Mason Frerichs 45 (180), Grant Lalim 46 (182).


MEET TEAM STANDINGS: 1. Minnewaska 20 (points), 2. Bird Island-Olivia-Lake Lillian 18, 3. Sauk Centre 15, 4. (tie) Morris Area/Chokio-Alberta and Benson/Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg 12, 6. Yellow Medicine East 11, 7. Paynesville Area 9, 8. Melrose Area 7, 9. Montevideo 4, 10. Atwater-Cosmos-Grove Gity 2.

YELLOW MEDICINE EAST: Erica Moritz 98, Leah Jeseritz 109, Cassie Thielen 111, Anna McCosh 118, Kyle Ramirez 123, Britanna Raddatz 142.

OVERALL TEAM STANDINGS: 1. Minnewaska Area 60, 2. Bird Island-Olivia-Lake Lillian 54 54, 3. Sauk Centre 43, 4. (tie) Yellow Medicine East 35 and Benson/Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg 35, 6. Morris Area/Chokio-Alberta 34, 7. Paynesville Area 32, 8. Melrose Area 16, 9. Montevideo 15, 10. Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City 6.

Monday’s Result

Camden Conference Triangular


TEAM STANDINGS: Lakeview 186, Canby 187, Tracy-Milroy-Balaton 200

TRACY-MILROY-BALATON: Devin Skalak 43, Joe Felt 48, Jared Vroman 54, Jacob Schmitt 55.

CANBY: Landon Anderson 46, Dylan Smith 46, Jake Citrowske 47, Matt Slaba 48

LAKEVIEW: Josh Stevens 41, Jarrett Geihl 46, Zach Werner 47, Logan Stelter 52.


TEAM STANDINGS: Canby 200, Lakeview 231, Tracy-Milroy-Balaton 233

TRACY-MILROY-BALATON: Morgan Anderson 51, Morgan Benson 59, Annika Anderson 61, Megan Schmitt 62.

LAKEVIEW: Whitney Fischer 51, Sydney Schake 58, Mikenna Radke 61, Brittany Buntjer 61.

CANBY: Abi Morris, 47, Natalie Morris 48, Haily Citrowske 52, Mallory Fink 53.