Jerry’s latest

A little bit of old and new is blended together on area singer/songwriter Jerry Ostensoe’s new CD.

Ostensoe, of Sacred Heart, recently released his third CD, “Whatever’s Left of the Day.”

It’s been about six years since Ostensoe put out his last album, “Just East of West.”

“I worked on it for over a year,” Ostensoe said about his new album. “Some of them (the songs) are pretty darned new, and some are older.”

Ostensoe said he redid one of his older songs “Bad River Road” for the new album. There’s also a Johnny Cash number, “I Still Miss Someone” and a Thomas Van Zandt song, “Like A Summer Thursday.” The rest of the songs on the album are originals, Ostensoe said.

“They turned out real nice,” Ostensoe said, adding that the album is a mix of blues, folk and country. “It’s pretty easy to listen to.”

Ostensoe said he spent evenings visiting his mother at the Granite Manor before she died last year and he would also visit a woman named Ruby, who was the mother of one of his classmates. Those visits led to the song “Ruby, the Days Have Spoken,” he said.

“There’s a lot of reflections of being in the Manor,” Ostensoe said. “It’s a song about getting together at the end of life.”

The song “Whatever’s Left of the Day” is about making time for songwriting, Ostensoe said.

Another original,” A Whole Lot of Things Being Said” makes references to the book of Genesis and the Tower of Babel, Ostensoe said.

“It’s based on Scripture a little bit,” Ostensoe said.

Ostensoe said there’s also kind of a recurring theme throughout the album – time.

Some of the album was recorded in his basement, Ostensoe said, and it was mixed and mastered at a different studio. He said the mixing process took a long time.

“It’s really where you sweeten things up,” Ostensoe said about the mixing process.

Ostensoe had a release party for the CD on April 12 in Granite Falls.

“It’s a real great band, some of the guys who played on the CD were there,” Ostensoe said. He said that guitarist Pete Lothringer of Marshall played on a couple of the blues songs.

Ostensoe was also recently featured on Pioneer Public Television’s “On Stage in Western Minnesota.”