Initial results favor addition at Lakeview

Preliminary results show that Lakeview School District’s vote on a building addition passed Tuesday, said Lakeview Superintendent Chris Fenske.

The preliminary results were 431 voting yes, and 146 voting no, Fenske said.

“It was pretty overwhelmingly yes, about 75 percent,”?Fenske said.

The ballot item put before taxpayers in the Lakeview School District proposed the construction of a 27,000 square-foot addition to the school building. The addition would include several preschool and elementary classrooms, as well as a third gymnasium that could be used for physical education classes, athletics and community education. More than 11,000 square feet of the existing school building would also be remodeled to offer more space for special education classrooms and reconfigured school offices. The school’s parking lot would also be expanded to better accommodate event parking.

A $7.98 million bond, with a term of 19.5 years, would pay for the construction. The bond would mean a property tax increase for property owners in the school district.

Months of study and discussion and by both the Lakeview School Board and a committee of community members went into the proposal. Some of the main concerns the building addition would address include space and security.

In a series of public informational meetings held before the vote, Fenske said the school’s K-12 enrollment exceeds the 600 students it was designed for, with a lot of the growth in preschool and kindergarten. Lakeview also has a shortage of storage and special education space, and the two existing gyms are overbooked between classes and activities. Moving the elementary and secondary school offices closer to the building’s main entrances would help improve school security, Fenske said.