Time for a change

MARSHALL – His business is in good hands, said Dave Regnier, who handed over the reins of his repair business to Aaron Thooft in March.

“He’s got all the qualifications,” Regnier said of Thooft.

Regnier has owned Regnier Electric on 10th Street and Main since 1972.

“It would have been 42 years June 1,” Regnier said.

The time was right for both men to make a change.

“The opportunity was there,” Thooft said. “I always thought I wanted to have my own business, but I didn’t want to start from scratch.”

Regnier wanted to semi-retire, he said. He will work for Thooft as a salesman and do service work as well.

“What would I do at home?” he said.

Along with Regnier, Thooft inherited the services of Regnier’s wife, Cheryl, who said she will continue to do bookwork for the firm “for awhile.” She has done so for Regnier Electric for the past 22 years.

Regnier has been working with electric motors since he was 18 years old and worked for only one other place in his life – at Ness Electric in Marshall.

Thooft also worked for well-known repair companies in his career. He worked for Carlson Stewart for eight years in the refrigeration and air conditioner field and at Southwest Minnesota State University for four years. An RTR High School graduate, Thooft attended Mankato South Central Technical for his training. He was an intern at Bisbee Plumbing & Heating during college.

“Carlson was probably my best learning experience,” Thooft said. “They taught me a lot of stuff.”

Thooft said he will continue the service that Regnier Electric has always provided and will add commercial work as well.

“We have the same experience for a lot less money,” he said.

He will do more refrigeration work.

“We’ll fix restaurant equipment, convenience store pop coolers, food coolers,” Thooft said.

Thooft said he will keep the name of the business as it is for the near future.

“It could be forever you never know,” he said.