A day of honor

MARSHALL – In his speech at Marshall’s Memorial Day program Monday morning, recent Marshall High School graduate Troy Timmerman remembered his role model and hero, his older cousin, Jason Timmerman.

Along with Timmerman’s address, the program included patriotic songs performed by Emily Dorschner, the In Memoriam, Roll of the Dead and the presentation and retirement of colors by the American Legion Honor Guard.

Timmerman said his cousin was 15 years older than him, but he remembers Jason pushing him on a swing, camping and playing games with him.

Jason Timmerman was active in his church, Timmerman said, helped raise funds for the poor and helped in the soup kitchen.

“Jason was a leader, even in his career,” Timmerman said.

“Jason was an exemplary American,” Timmerman added.

When Jason Timmerman and his brother Travis, were called to active duty in Iraq, Troy Timmerman recalled being with his cousins at a gathering.

“(I remember) he (Jason) said to me ‘I will see you again,'” Timmerman said.

Then on Feb. 21, 2005, Timmerman vividly remembers coming home and saw his father in tears.

“He told me Jason was killed in Iraq,” Timmerman said. “I was devastated.”

Timmerman said he learned that Jason and two other soldiers were helping another get to safety when they were killed.

“He gave the ultimate sacrifice for Americans,” Timmerman said.

Timmerman said that like his cousin, he wants to be able to serve others and be a leader. With Jason as a role model for the values he lives in his life, Timmerman said he knows he will be a good man.

Timmerman also read from a poem that Jason Timmerman presented at a Memorial Day service in 2003.

“I will always appreciate my freedom,” Troy Timmerman said.

Marshall American Legion Commander Jeff Gay said he thought about having Timmerman give the memorial address after hearing him speak at the Veteran’s Day program. Gay said that with Timmerman’s speech, one realizes what a family goes through

“Families serve as well when a soldier is deployed,” Gay said.

Earlier in the program, Gay reminded those in attendance the importance of the day.

“Celebrate and remember those who have passed before us,” Gay said.

Gay also thanked the volunteers who made the program in Marshall possible in order to “remember our fallen with respect.”

“Today is also a day to celebrate our military forces for keeping us free and safe,” Gay said.