YMC chooses construction manager for courthouse

GRANITE FALLS – Construction management proposals for the new Yellow Medicine County Courthouse were reviewed by the YMC Board at its regular meeting Tuesday. After receiving the proposals at its last meeting and having County Attorney Keith Helgeson review the documents, the board accepted Contegrity Group’s construction management proposal for $320,000. A local company, Fagen Inc., also submitted a more expensive proposal for $360,000.

In other business, the resignation of county coroner Kenneth R. Carter, M.D. was accepted. Dr. Arthur Rillo from ACMC was suggested to be the new county coroner by Carter but was not appointed as the motion died for the lack of a second because of an increase in fees. The suggested stipend of $100 per month increased to $500 per month, and reimbursement of $150 per case increased to $250 per case. A discussion of the higher rates led to possibly looking at other options, such as Sanford in Canby.

Proposed changes to YMC park ordinances were reviewed by the board. The current standing ordinance was passed in 2006. Changes include definitions of controlled substances and possession, defined types of camping such as seasonal, extended and night-to-night and language revisions for more definitive ordinances. They will be released for public review and will be voted on at the next regular meeting.

Permanent-Status was granted to Rae Ann Keeler-Aus, Family Service Center director. Keeler-Aus then requested to hire a part-time temporary social worker to fill in during a leave of absence. A 30-hours per week position at $21.82 per hour was approved. Also requested was a replacement to the vacant full-time Support Enforcement Aid position. A part-time Administrative Secretary position at 20 hours a week was approved as a replacement.

Stacy Steinbach and Amanda Pauline from YMC Child Protection presented on their case management process so the board could better understand child protection services. Steinbach and Pauline provided a case example to show the role of a child protection and children’s mental health workers during case management.

A bid for mowing and spraying the YMC Fair Grounds from Brad Lueders for $194 per mow or spray plus materials was accepted. Lueders has handled the mowing of the fair grounds for the past six years.

Conditional use permits were granted to David Denelsbeck of Canby to operate a private campground for family use and to Equity Elevator for the construction of a chemical warehouse for industrial use in Woodlake Township.