Rally at the ‘Y’

MARSHALL – More than 100 people turned out for a rally supporting Marty Seifert’s campaign for governor at the Marshall Area YMCA Wednesday night.

Seifert said that compared to four years ago, “it feels much different, much more positive, and the votes look better in the various delegations throughout the state. Saturday is the governor’s race, and we are optimistic and believe we can win.”

During the rally, Seifert’s campaign team showed a preview of a video that will be played at the convention. The video focused on Seifert’s suggestion that “the federal government gets bigger and our freedoms get smaller,” along with a handful of age- and racially-diverse supporters talking about why they will vote for Seifert.

After the video, Seifert took the stage and said he was committed to being a “servant leader instead of a boss” and referenced past work in the House where he served all of his constituents, no matter their political affiliations, and his healthcare experience.

“Last time, we struggled in the Twin Cities, and we had a few areas like Brainerd and Mankato that got away from us,” Seifert said. “And this year we’ve turned the tables and believe we are in a very strong place.”

Seifert said his campaign has held numerous meet-and-greets, town meetings, listening sessions and small group meetings in anticipation for the state convention.

“And we’ve has fantastic attendance at all of the events,” Seifert said.

Currently, it is a six-way race for the endorsement, but Seifert thinks that number will be cut in half because of the requirement of needing 50 delegate signatures to get on the ballot Saturday.

“We believe it’s very possible as we head to the convention that in the governor’s race there may end up only being three or four candidates that put their name in for nomination,” Seifert said. “There are only three of us that are qualified for the ballot right now.”

“I have the strongest name ID and the highest positives,” Seifert added. “The main things is that as the ballots go forward, we want to be the second choice for people who are voting for other candidates. And we feel strongly that we are in the best position to be the second choice of a lot of the delegates.”

When asked if he will run in the primary if he does not win the endorsement on Saturday, Seifert said, “We’ve told everybody all along that we’ve been very open to running in the primary, and we’re going to make our mind up that day. But we’re very confident that we will come out in first place.”

Seifert and his campaign team will head to Rochester Thursday in preparation for the Republican State Convention. He will be on-air on Channel 4 WCCO on Sunday before embarking on a fly-around throughout the state Monday and Tuesday.