Short takes for May 30

Closing the lock


We’re glad to see our representatives in Washington, D.C. come through with successful legislation that will close the Upper St. Anthony Falls Lock to help stop the spread of invasive carp into Minnesota waterways. Invasive carp are said to be capable of eating between 20 and 120 percent of their body weight each day and outcompeting native fish. Closing the Upper St. Anthony Falls will go a long way in preventing invasive carp from reaching Mille Lacs Lake, Gull Lake and other fisheries connected to the Mississippi River. We need to continue to present a mobilized front to rid our waters of invasive carp and keep them out. Keeping all our waterways, both large and small, in northern Minnesota and down here in the southern part of the state, is important, not just for today’s outdoorsmen and water lovers but for tomorrow’s as well.

Marty’s party


Republican gubernatorial hopeful Marty Seifert was sent off to the GOP State Convention on Wednesday with an event at the Marshall Area YMCA. Let’s not focus on the letter than comes after Seifert’s name this election as much as where he’s from: rural Minnesota. Debate at the state Capitol is increasingly becoming more focused on outstate vs. metro as compared to Republican vs. Democrat. Are area Democrats giddy about the prospect of a Republican governor? Heck no. But they should take solace in knowing this Republican is one of us. So root for Seifert at this weekend’s state convention and later this summer in the primary. Having a southwest Minnesota boy as our state leader sounds good to us, regardless of the letter that follows his name.

Moving forward at the museum


It’s great to see the new ice cream counter exhibit open at the Lyon County Museum. Of course, ice cream has a special place in our hearts here in Marshall, and the exhibit is a great centerpiece to what has turned out to be a wonderful showcase at the museum, which looks like it has finally found a place it can call home for quite some time. Go check the museum out; it’s well worth your time.