Marshall Head Start welcomes spring

Children at the Marshall Head Start classrooms have had a busy spring as we’ve wrapped up our 48th year. As shown in the photo below, Head Start children and parents had the opportunity to visit Greenwood Nursery to learn from staff there about plants and gardening.

In partnership with the Marshall Public School’s preschool classes, an evening for children and parents together was held at the “Turtle” park for fun and to introduce parents to the concepts of the TACSEI social/emotional skill-building program being used by both programs.

Head Start children got an “up close” look at some of the many varieties of flowers and plants at Greenwood Nursery.

Other activities this spring included field trips to the park and a visit to Marshall Square Apartments to serenade the residents – especially Marie Stoks, one of our volunteer “grandmas” who lives there!

Children transitioning to kindergarten in the fall had the opportunity to visit their kindergarten classrooms, meet the teachers there and have lunch at the elementary cafeteria.

In Marshall this year, Head Start had four classrooms. Based on our waiting list this year we plan to add a fifth classroom here and will add more days to the schedule in one class next fall. This will bring the total number of children in the Marshall Head Start program to 84. Classes will meet three or four half-days each week.

Head Start provides educational opportunities for children ages 3 to 5 designed to prepare them for improved success in kindergarten and throughout their school careers. Head Start is a comprehensive, family-focused school readiness program. Nutrition, health, dental care and education for children and their families is an important part of the program. Children with special needs receive individualized services and participate fully. We work closely with parents and families. Head Start is provided at no cost to eligible children and families. Eligibility is generally determined by family income (at or below the federal poverty guideline).

Head Start children must be 3 by Sept. 1. If you or someone you know is interested in Head Start, contact us soon. Our programs fill quickly. Decisions regarding enrollment will be made before July 1, and wait lists are established after that. To start the enrollment process or just to ask questions, please call Lisa in our office at 507-537-1416 Ext. 2147 (or 1-800-658-2448). Visit us on Facebook at “Western Community Action Head Start”!