Losing respect for Seifert

To the editor:

In my opinion, Marty Seifert should not have filed for office today (Monday).

Sure, in Minnesota, candidates are free to seek endorsement or free to seek voter approval in a primary. A posting on Twitter had the following, “Today our ticket officially filed for Governor and Lt. Governor of Minnesota! We look forward to bringing our message across the state and giving all Minnesotans a chance to decide who will carry the GOP banner on August 12.”

Marty – do you mean that same GOP banner you weren’t prepared to abide by on May 31? Do you mean the same hard working staff from the convention, the teams that worked hard for endorsement for their candidates on Saturday? You want their backing now that you thought wasting their time was OK so as long as you were not endorsed?

We should all come prepared to come under the team and unify as a ticket only if and when you were to be the beneficiary?

I have always put my conservative values before the party. That meant that I sometimes disagree with votes, candidates and positions. That’s OK! We all do. But to act as you did at the convention after you have been noticeably absent for three years that you thought you can have it both ways, to go back to dirty tricks, to win something you obviously place no value in is well – classless and disrespectful! Team Thompson knew for the good of the party, to unify, to come out with an endorsement – he put his endorsement behind Jeff Johnson.

Thompson gave a concession speech that showed at the end of the day it was not about him or his running mate – it was about us as a party.

Instead of withdrawing – you told the crowd you would be competing in the primary. You told your delegates they were free to go. You wasted their time, the convention’s time, the party’s time because you could not have it both ways – endorsement and primary. True colors of whom you have become, seeking for self not unity, someone I used to (as one of your own staff) have so much respect for.

I have been a Jeff Johnson supporter from day one, but I still had my respect for you – not so much any longer!

David Anderson