Lincoln County approves 911 system upgrade

IVANHOE – Amber Scholten with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department brought forward a request to upgrade the county’s 911 computer system at the regular meeting of the Lincoln County Board Tuesday.

The current systems runs on Windows XP operating system, which is no longer supported and vulnerable to viruses. The proposed new IES system would cost $122,408.06 to install with an installation wait time of six to nine months because of demand.

Scholten reported that the 911 fund currently has $96,000, but she would like to keep a cushion of $20,000 in it in case of an emergency expense. A grant give the fund $6,300 per month, and if the installation wait time is as long as it is estimated to be, the 911 fund would be able to cover the entire cost. Scholten asked the board if it would be willing to use money from the general fund to pay any expenses that might be incurred before the 911 fund is able to cover the whole cost, such as an earlier install date. The board agreed that it could borrow any needed funds and have the 911 pay it back.

Scholten also brought up its ARMER system maintenance agreement with Alpha Wireless that performs upkeep and maintains the emergency radios system in the county. Praising the new ARMER system, Scholten said that, “it’s easier to get the message out to everyone at once.” The board approved the maintenance agreement that will cover the county ARMER system until December 2016 for $1,646.60 a month.

In other business, Orlan Sandro and Allan Johnson went before the board to ask for help with repairing the roof of the Lincoln County Pioneer Museum in Hendricks. The deteriorated roof may already have leaks, and the museum would like to install permanent steel shingles.

The museum has applied for grants and asked local organizations for donations to help with the repairs but also requested help from the board to cover the remaining costs. The new roof is estimated to cost $23,480. The board agreed that it would help but asked the museum volunteers to come back at a later date to review what additional support they obtain in order to come to an exact amount that they would need from the board to cover the costs.

Dustin Hauschild and Jeanna Sommers with the Lincoln County Technology Committee presented a proposal to hire IT services from Southwest Health and Human Services in Marshall. Last year, the county spent almost $10,000 on IT calls for system problems and computer emergencies.

The committee reported that many of the computers used by the county are in need of updates and that having an IT person onsite one day a week would help with preventative maintenance to keep the machines in running order. The cost for one-day-a-week onsite IT service was estimated to be $21,450. A server upgrade is also needed in the county and that would be an additional service at a cost above and beyond the monthly IT fee. The board agreed that the committee should move forward with getting a finalized contract with terms of one-day-a-week service for six months, with the option to reduce or increase service after six months.

Hauschild, Lincoln County engineer, also reported on the highway department’s lift station that is in need of extensive work. The sump is leaking because of an influx of groundwater flowing into it, making the associated pump run too often and causing them to fail. Hauschild reported that multiple incidents of sewage backing up into the basement of the old shop and the wash bay have recently occurred. A temporary fix is in the works to repair the failing pump but to solve the problem, an estimated $35,000 will be needed to enlarge the sump and install two pumps to avoid sewage backup sometime next year. The lift station is partially owned by the MnDOT, so the county would cover 75 percent of the cost with MnDOT picking up the remaining 25 percent.

Environmental Administrator Robert Olsen told the board that a county resident recently erected a building without applying and paying for a land use permit. The board agreed to find what necessary steps are needed to be taken to proceed with enforcement of required land use permits.

Olson also brought forward the redetermintaton of benefits terms for Judicial Ditch 28 for the chairman to sign. A public meeting will be held concerning the redetermination at 7 p.m. on June 17, at the Tyler Fire Hall.

The board approved a motion to purchase a new local transit bus from North Central in St. Could. The county’s share of the cost will be $13,550, and the two oldest buses in the fleet, model years 1994 and 1998, will be sold. The remaining 2006 bus will be used as a backup.

Liquor licenses were granted to the Hendricks Golf Club Association and the Knotty Pine Supper Club pending required paperwork and submission to the state. The $375 licenses will be good for six months.