Pigs on the lamb

MARSHALL – A semi truck and trailer full of pigs rolled in a one-vehicle accident Friday afternoon at the intersection of U.S. Highway 59 and Lyon County Road 6.

The driver was not injured, but at least a dozen pigs got out and were found in surrounding fields and in the Greenwood Nursery parking lot. The Marshall Fire Department, the Lyon County Sheriff’s Department, State Patrol and the Minnesota DNR were at the scene.

“We heard a big boom and thought it was thunder,” said Elizabeth Her, a Greenwood nursery employee who was helping corral the loose pigs. “Then it turned out to be pigs!”

Help came from employees at CHS, Greenwood Nursery and R&G Construction, who brought in skid loaders and gates to help hold the pigs that were still in the trailer in.

Caleb Dirckx with Greenwood Nursery was also helping keep the pigs from running off.

“I didn’t know this was on the agenda today,” Dirckx said.

Maggie Roy with Greenwood Nursery also pitched in.

“I was pruning shrubs when I heard the boom and came running,” Roy said. “The pigs were trying to run across the road.”

It was definitely a scene one doesn’t see everyday.

“Well,” added Roy, “I’m not afraid of pigs apparently.”

Marshall Fire Chief Mark Klaith said it took a large effort to get all the pigs under control and into trailers brought by area farmers. “We’d like to thank CHS, Greenwood Nursery and R&G Construction for their help,” he said.