Saddle up and hold on

LAKE BENTON – The horse camp north of town was full Saturday afternoon during Lake Benton’s annual Saddle Horse Holiday.

The Jaacks family from Brookings, S.D., has been coming to the event for decades, including their children, grand children and great grandchildren.

“We’ve been coming here for over 45 years,” said Rosemary Jaacks. “Our family really enjoys the event and we hope it continues.”

Across the campground, a group of friends have gathered for the annual trail ride.

“This is my third time here,” said Bob Boicourt of Esterville, Iowa. “It’s a nice way to celebrate Father’s Day.”

His friends have been attending for many years, but Boicourt said that he enjoys it and will continue to come back and ride, even if the rain doesn’t let up.

“We will ride in the parade tomorrow,” Boicourt said Saturday. “We’ve got our slickers and rain gear ready.”

Horses weren’t the only things being ridden in Lake Benton during the weekend. Bed races took place downtown, and despite the rain, the teams appeared to have a lot of fun.

Kim Tiedeman was with “The Wildcats” team and wasn’t sure what to expect.

“It’s our first year, but we did practice a little in the alley.”

Another team, “Lights Out,” made up of Jennifer Gunnick and Kasey Klosterman pushing the bed with Ashley Buffington riding and steering, ended up taking home the gold. When asked what their strategy was, they said, “Run fast and steer well.”