Flying high in Canby again in ’14

CANBY – Planes of all makes, ages and sizes lined the tarmac of Myers Field at the Canby Municipal Airport this past weekend.

Attendees got a chance to get and up-close look at many different types of planes and see what the inside of a cockpit looked like. Airplane and helicopter rides were offered Sunday morning and a free air show performance took place in the afternoon. The wind was a bit of a nuisance for some of the RC and airplane pilots at the airport Sunday, but they didn’t let that stop them from flying.

Near the runway, the Vanguard Squadron out of Sioux Falls, S.D., was prepping for its afternoon air show. David Myers flies with the Vanguard Squadron and said its participating in 11 air shows this summer. One thing that sets the group’s planes apart is the fact that they run on ethanol instead of standard aviation fuel.

“These run on 99 percent ethanol,” Myers said. “And they have great performance and a lot of power.”

Just past the hangars, the Marshall RC Club setup an array of radio-controlled planes and performed stunts for spectators. Tom Sroufe of Brookings, S.D., made the trip to Canby to fly with the Marshall club and was performing rolls and loops with his RC plane.

“The controls are a lot like a real plane,” Sroufe said, “but these are affected a lot more by the wind than the big planes.”

Sroufe said he has been flying RC planes for more than 30 years and that he started in high school. His RC plane was crafted from balsa wood, but Sroufe said RC planes can also be made out of plywood or styrofoam and can run on gas or electric batteries.

“It was just something to do and it’s not near as expensive as a real airplane,” Sroufe said.