Cowardly act of hate

To the editor:

Beware of cowardly vandalism within your neighborhood. Once again, someone entered the privacy of our backyard to propagate their form of intolerance and hatred by tearing down our rainbow flag and cutting it into pieces.

We are quite certain that this is not behavior that is condoned by the majority of residents in Marshall. And yet, none can deny that these types of behaviors do exist in our hometown.

Personally, we have never understood what drives a person or persons to commit such acts of violence against another human being.

We can only ask our community to be watchful for suspicious behavior and immediately report it to our local police force, as we have done. We are grateful for our neighbors’ willingness to keep a watchful eye not only on their own property but ours as well.

Hate crimes toward anyone or their property is never acceptable behavior anywhere.

Janice Knieff

Catherine Hare