Emotion gardens

Photo by Jenna Stoutland

English learning, Summer EL students put their green thumbs to use Tuesday when Maggie Roy aided them in creating emotion miniature gardens at Marshall Middle School. The gardens were a result of the fourth- and second-graders’ new knowledge about emotional disabilities. It began Monday with each child creating a clay face that depicted a positive emotion, such as joy, happiness or peace. The children assembled pots with shiny pebbles, their clay faces and an assortment of flowers and plants provided by Greenwood Nursery. The students’ teacher, Bonnie Wasberg, started the project to teach the children about showing kindness to others through donating the gardens. “We want the kids to see that sending their garden as a gift to someone is an act of generosity that spreads happiness,” she said. The students will finish the project today by walking their small gardens to Prairie Home Hospice for delivery.