Contributions still needed to help finish library vision

MARSHALL – It’s an exciting time, supporters of the Marshall-Lyon County Library said. Construction for a children’s wing addition at the library is set to begin this summer, and some major contributions have helped make it possible. But there’s still a little way to go for fundraising, and community support is needed to truly finish the vision, they said.

“We’re just about there,” said Al Kruse of the Marshall-Lyon County Library Foundation. “We’re excited to see this coming to fruition,” he said, and area residents have a chance to be part of it all.

The Marshall-Lyon County Library Foundation is within $50,000 of its funding goal for furnishings and fixtures at the new library addition, Kruse said Tuesday. That amount makes up about 2 percent of the project’s total cost, but library supporters said meeting the goal will help make the library the best resource it can be for the Marshall area community.

Besides completing the children’s wing, the project will add features for adults like new reading and study areas and space for special library collections.

“We need shelving, we need flooring, we need chairs,” as well as technology and other items, Kruse said.

Kruse said the construction project has received some great local support.

“We are grateful for Robert and Phyllis Carr for building the building,” much sooner than anyone expected, Kruse said. Recently, the Library Foundation also received a $125,000 grant from the Otto Bremer Foundation.

But contributions don’t have to be big, Kruse said. For example, the $50,000 goal can break down to 1,000 people donating $50.

“Whatever people are comfortable giving is greatly appreciated,” Kruse said.

Donations can also be pledged over a two-year period and are tax-deductible, Kruse said.

Kruse said the Library Foundation hopes to meet its funding goal by the end of July, because that’s when the library will need to begin ordering furnishings for the children’s wing.

Contributions to the children’s wing can be made in a variety of ways, Kruse said. Pledge cards are available at the library, but donations can also be made through the library’s website,, the Library Foundation website and through fundraising website