Gas prices are for real

To the editor:

When I got my first car in 1960 the gas was selling for 20 cents a gallon. I filled my gas tank for about $2.50. The prices stayed very reasonable for many years. In 1973 for some reason gas jumped up to $1.35 and that was 50 cents higher than it had been. But it soon dropped to below one dollar a gallon. In 1980 about June the gas went just over a dollar and slowly rose over the years to come. But then about four years ago the prices got high and now we are paying dearly to buy gas. I worked in gas stations in the 60s, 70s and 80s and I had to go out and put in gas in customers’ vehicles. I also had to clean windshields and check engine oil. Today, everything is self service and stations are convenience stores also. Now for world gas prices: Italy $8.60 – India $5.00 – Ireland $8.00 – Canada $6.00 – France $8.30 – Turkey $9.96 – Netherlands $8.90 – China $4.60 – Japan $6.70 – Brazil $6.00 – Australia $5.50 – Iran $1.45 – Venezuela $1.10. Gas in California is $4.05 per gallon because their road tax is 60 cents per gal.

As a gas consumer, I think we are getting ripped off by the big gas corporations.

Ronald Mosch