Between random and Wonderland

MARSHALL – Kady Simpson admits that she may have a little ADD with her art.

Simpson’s artwork is on display at the Daily Grind in downtown Marshall.

Simpson said she’s always really liked writing and remembered writing and illustrating her own books.

“I still have all my books from when I was little,” said Simpson, a Marshall High School graduate. She said her first-grade teacher, Diane Taylor, was supportive of art.

Simpson took art classes in high school and attended Ridgewater College for two years. She said an art instructor at Ridgewater, Marjorie Nilssen, was really into telling her students how to express themselves.

Simpson said she started creating art – painting with watercolors or oil paints.

“Then I really like doing stuff on the computer,” Simpson said. “I like doing anything that has to do with creating things.”

Simpson said she never really thought about doing a public display of her artwork; she’d usually give pieces to family and friends as gifts or “hoard her art.”

She lived in the Twin Cities for three years before coming back to Marshall and is finishing up at Southwest Minnesota State University in marketing. Simpson said she wants to incorporate art with marketing.

Simpson said she likes to paint what she feels.

“I really like combining textures or the colors,” Simpson said. She said people will ask her why she’ll choose the colors in an artwork. “But honestly, I just kind of like how it looks.”

In her artist statement, “she said she is inspired by the world around her, whether that be reality or make believe.”

“I do not limit myself to one style or idea,” she said in her artist statement. “I aspire to evolve with every piece of art I create. I chose the bright bold colors because of the way they magically work together. The contrast of motion, lines, shapes and textures intrigues me.

“I ended up somewhere between random and Wonderland with these pieces. I am captivated by the idea of the paint speaking for itself, whether that be through texture, the circular motions, the extravagant colors or the shapes that I have created.”

Simpson said she and her mother will go to the Goodwill and auctions to get stuff and coming up with ideas as to how to use those items. The goal is to do a project a week, she added.

Friends will also see ideas and come up to her to create something based on those ideas, she said. Eventually, she wants to get an online blog up and running where she would post tutorials as to how she created an artwork as well as photos of her art.