Musings about the city

To the editor:

I feel that the Marshall city council has, over the years, made great decisions about the way the city is laid out, compared to other cities. I would like to comment on a few things that I keep reading about in the paper.

First is the overpass. My wife and I use that intersection every day; in the mornings the sun makes it hard to see, and evenings the same way. If traffic was slowed down it would give drivers both crossing and turning a chance to avoid a crash, more than pedestrians crossing the highway. Pedestrians cross from one end of the trailer court to the other, not just in that intersection.

Second, is the city hall. It seems to me you all want a new one. So maybe you should consider knocking down the old one and the hotel and building a parking ramp for all of downtown that is handicap accessible. And have a bus stop in front of it to help people get from place to place.

Third, between the largest employer in town and the city maybe the thought should be building a multi-level parking ramp for the huge, beautiful, meeting, multi-level event, banquet, restaurant that sits on Main Street. It sits there going to waste empty.

As long as I’m ranting, I would also like to address the condition of the street in village park or now Broadmoor valley. I have friends out there and nowhere in town would you let the streets be like that or the appearance of the community be like that.

David Fiegen