Short Takes



CNBC has ranked Minnesota the sixth best place for business – up from 15th place from a year ago. CNBC’s eighth annual “America’s Top States for Business” ranked Minnesota fifth in overall economy and infrastructure, fourth in quality of life, and 11th in access to capital and technology and innovation. Couple this with the state’s 4.6 percent unemployment rate, and it’s pretty evident the business climate is doing OK here.

‘Get a warrant’


We’re all in with the Supreme Court’s unanimous decision this week that says police will not be allowed a general search of a cellphone during an arrest without first attaining a warrant. As Justice John Roberts simply put it: Before police go through someone’s phone, they’ll have to “Get a Warrant.” We think this decision is a no-brainer considering the digital age we’re in has put a cellphone or smartphone – which, in reality, are mini-computers – in just about everyone’s hands, and those phones, for some, are almost life-lines as people rely more and more on them to store private information.

Keep it down, Fido


Some laws just go too far. City leaders in Wadena this week passed a local law that prohibits dogs in some parts of the community from barking or making noise from, get this, 4 p.m. to 9 a.m. The “no barking” ordinance applies to commercial zones and includes the local Humane Society and surrounding neighborhood. If someone knows of a non-surgical, foolproof way to keep dogs from barking, please let us know.