First Lutheran confirmation

Photo courtesy of Photoworks

Twenty-two young men and women were confirmed May 4 at First Lutheran Church in Marshall.

Pictured are, from left, front row: The Rev. Julie McCain, Drew Negen, Michael DeVaan, Alison Mortier, Kyle Kruse, Alexa Amundson, Maia Brooks, Haley Fuhrmann. Middle row: Katherine Marshall, Maloy Negen, Noah Versaevel, Owen Banks, Alexa Dulas, Sydney Meister, Madeline Marks, Danielle Alberg, Tonya Tomasek, director of youth and families. Back row: The Rev. Scott Fuller, Carlee Goslar, Mackinzie Andreas, Skylar Gilbertson, Alex Jahn, Orion Morrow, Brendin Otto, Alex Verkinderen, Kitsi Marks, director of education and outreach.