Plenty going on in town

It’s hard to believe we have passed the first day of summer. Even though the days are slowly shortening, so many events will take place before fall approaches.

One is crazy Days on Thursday, July 17. The town will be busy! I recall days when you would come into town early and leave late afternoon with a car full of bargains. Now Crazy Days is filled with activities. I personally want to invite everyone to the Adult Community Center for a delicious BBQ plate in air conditioned comfort. It’s a great way to support the Center.

Don’t forget the traveling Vietnam Wall will be at Independence Park from July 10-13. This “Wall that Heals” will be open 24 hours a day beginning Thursday, July 10, and closing Sunday evening, July 13.

As I shared last month about the grant Marshall received to ACT on Alzheimer’s- is moving into the second stage.

This will give many in the community a chance to answer a survey on our community and help us clarify the gaps. So if you receive a survey, please take the time to complete it.

A leisurely women’s bike riding group is being formed. Bike riding will be one morning a week for half an hour. If interested, call 537-6109.