Notice of Public Hearing

July 2, 2014


A CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT REQUEST has been made to the Lyon County Planning and Zoning Administrator by Ken Louwagie, 1556 290th Avenue, Garvin, Minnesota for a new hog confinement barn, approximately 210′ x 102′. Minimum setback for this feedlot is a 94% or greater odor offset rating at a distance of 1320′. The land is zoned agricultural and described as following:

All that part of the Southwest Quarter of Section 6, Monroe Township (109) North, Range 40 West, all located in Lyon County, Minnesota.

The Proposed Facility to Consist of:

(new) Finishing Hogs (2400 x .3 animal factor) = 720 Animal Units

Existing nursery pigs (2000 x .05 animal factor)=100 Animal Units

Type of Building:

(new) Approximately 210’x 102′ Finishing Confinement Barn with an 8′ concrete pit

Existing 101′ x 80′ nursery barn with an 8′ deep concrete pit

Manure to be applied agronomically up to two times a year.

The Total Animal Unit Capacity = 820 Animal Units

A Public Hearing on the Conditional Use Permit and Feedlot Public Comment will be held by the Lyon County Planning Commission on Tuesday, July 8th, 2014, at 7:00 p.m. in the Commissioner’s Room of the Lyon County Government Center, Marshall, MN.

John Biren, Lyon County, Zoning Adm

Phone: 507-532-8207