Lyon County Board of Commissioners

July 2, 2014


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Summary of the Proceedings of the Lyon County Board

9:00 a.m. pursuant to notice the Lyon County Commissioners met with the following members present: Commissioners Anderson, Sanow, Ritter, Stensrud and Goodenow. Also present: County Administrator Stomberg, Attorney Maes.

MSP to approve the agenda with the addition of Shift Sergeant hire, Approval of Twin Lakes Park electrical quote and Lincoln Pipestone Rural Water contract and the deletion of SWCD Lyon County Cooperative Agreement.

MSP to approve the Consent Agenda.

MSP to approve the printer and toner purchase from the Recorders Unallocated fund for the for the Assessor’s office for an amount up to $1,000.

MSP to approve the resolution approving the Joint Powers Agreement for the financing of Judicial Ditch 3.

MSP to waive the penalty charges for the late tax payment for Ardyn Faltinson. Motion carried with Commissioners Anderson, Goodenow and Stensrud voting in favor. Commissioners Ritter and Sanow voted against.

MSP to table the award of the bid, set up a meeting for next week with the MPCA, Local Legislatures, County Attorney and the 7 Counties involved in the Landfill with a letter written to the MPCA and copied to the Governor’s office and the Legislature.

MSP to approve the contract with Liesch in the amount of $150,000, as long as the project continues.

MSP to approve the bid from L&M Express at 6.4 cents per gallon for hauling leachate to Sioux Falls, SD.

MSP to award the County Road 24 shoulder widening and culvert replacement to R&G Construction in the amount of $473,909.36 and to approve the Board Chair to sign the contract.

MSP to approve the hire of Robin VanOverbeke as Shift Sergeant with a starting wage of $19.98 and a starting date of July 1, 2014.

MSP approve the hire of Trent Armitage as GIS Specialist with a starting rate of $17.87 and a starting date to be determined.

MSP to approve the R&B Superintendent job description as presented.

MSP to approve the hire of Greg Louwagie and Jim VanMoer and add to the on-call list.

MSP to move Craig Milbradt to Full Time status as General Equipment Operator. Motion carried with Commissioners Anderson, Goodenow, Ritter and Stensrud voting in favor. Commissioner Sanow voted against.

MSP to approve the amended Mechanic job description.

MSP to approve the low quote from Hebig’s Electric in an amount of $28,500.00 for electrical work at Twin Lakes Park.

MSP to approve installing Rural Water at Twin Lakes Park. Motion carried with Commissioners Goodenow, Ritter, Sanow and Stensrud voting in favor. Commissioner Anderson voted against.

MSP to adjourn at 11:45 a.m.

A copy of these proceedings are available in the County Administrator Office of Lyon County and also available at