Patriotic wheels

Photo by Karin Elton

Ron Mosch of Marshall, a long-time bike and motorcyclist enthusiast and collector, has three bicycles made in England in 1978, including one, a Triumph, he recently painted red, white and blue in honor of Independence Day. One of the bikes is a Robin Hood, which he bought for $10. “‘The Adventures of Robin Hood’ starring Errol Flynn is one of my favorite movies,” he said. His favorite bicycle is the B.S.A., which stands for Birmingham Small Arms. “They were big in motorcycles, too,” he said. All three bikes were purchased from Marshall people who had them hanging in their garages. He paid $50 for the B.S.A. “She knew what she had,” Mosch said of the woman he bought the bike from. Mosch said he bought his first motorcycle, a B.S.A., when he was 15. He has been riding motorcycles for 50 years. Mosch said he is happy all three bikes have their logos still affixed – “otherwise they’d be worthless.”