Frustrated with ‘rubber stamps’

To the editor:

I received a notice in the mail a couple of weeks ago from Lyon County regarding a request to expand a hog confinement facility nearby. I could either attend the meeting on July 8 or send written comments regarding this expansion.

I chose to do neither because these expansion requests are given the rubber stamp of approval before the meeting.

How do I know this? The last time a request was made by this person for an expansion I appeared at the meeting with a petition with 13 signatures against the expansion and it was approved anyway.

So I am choosing not to attend and spare myself the frustration.

I would hope that the expansion would take advantage of something called biofilters, which would decrease the odor emitted from the barn by an enormous amount. It would also be nice if the operator would inform his neighbors when he is going to empty the sewage pits in the fall.

Jack Miller

Rural Garvin