Give the library some time

A Marshall resident – and we assume, Marshall-Lyon County Library patron – submitted a letter to the editor last week concerning the contentious MLCL/Plum Creek Library System battle.

She didn’t blame the library – even though the board did open the door to criticism after its abrupt change of gears to pull out from PCLS. Nor did she blame PCLS or drag its director, Mark Ranum, through the mud – even though plenty of people have cast their own stones against him.

So what’s the main takeaway from the letter? It’s simple. The library is trying to move on without the services once provided by PCLS. The decision to go off on its own and not rely on the system or play by its rules was welcomed by some but frowned on by most, who were rightfully concerned about what the library will offer its patrons in the future. But the decision was made and, as the letter writer stated, the community needs to move on and get behind the library.

That’s a lesson everyone needs to remember.

Tough tests are ahead for this library and its leaders within, and many questions linger – foremost being, where future funding will come from and will the library be forced to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in budget cuts? The library, with construction of its children’s wing under way, has told us it’s working hard to keep its standards high, and we believe it can emerge from this mess with its head held high.

But we all need to give it some time.

We can debate for years on whether or not the board did the right thing by pulling away from PCLS, but at this point, we have to ask: What is the point?