McFadden: We will ‘outwork’ Franken

MARSHALL – Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mike McFadden has been a repeat visitor to Marshall over the past year. And it looks like that visibility is in keeping with his campaign strategy. At a meet-and-greet event in Marshall on Wednesday afternoon, McFadden told area residents he intends to “out-work” his opponent, U.S. Sen. Al Franken, in the leadup to the November election.

Wednesday’s visit marked the third time that McFadden has made an appearance in Marshall. He told area residents he had just kicked off a new statewide tour, visiting 20 counties during the Fourth of July weekend. Statewide television ads for McFadden have also started broadcasting this month.

McFadden said he will win the election, in part because “We have a better message, and we will out-work (Franken).”

McFadden said strengthening the economy and encouraging industry in Minnesota were key issues for him.

“That’s how we create good jobs, high-paying jobs,” McFadden said. In the past six years, he said, average weekly wages have only increased $8. Encouraging the growth of business would do more to raise average wages, he said.

McFadden said he would support limits on government regulation that serves as an obstacle to business and industry.

“It’s small and mid-sized businesses that are getting smothered by regulation,” he said. At the same time, he said, lucrative, job-creating developments like copper mining in northern Minnesota have been tied up for years in regulatory bureaucracy.

“I believe in smart regulation,” McFadden said. Right now, he said, “We’re great at innovation, but we’re horrible at regulation.”

In particular, McFadden said he would support measures like sunset provisions on regulatory laws, and he would like to form a Senate deregulation committee.

Several of the questions McFadden took from area residents focused on his campaign strategy and demographics. McFadden said he has been meeting with a wide variety of voters, from southern Minnesota farmers to loggers and miners in the north. McFadden said he’s also reaching out to Somali and Latino voters.

“We have a great state, and we have great people,” McFadden said. Those people want change, he said. “And that’s why I know we’ll win.”