Short takes for July 11

The Wall is here


Make sure to stop out at Independence Park to take advantage of an opportunity that doesn’t come along too often. You can honor Vietnam veterans and those who died in the war when the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall stops in Marshall. Free up your night tonight and head over to Independence Park for a special ceremony at 7 p.m. The names of Vietnam veterans from the area who died in the war will be read at the ceremony, and it’s well worth your time to head over to the park for this most special occasion.

Speed study


We’re encouraged to hear that Marshall Mayor Bob Byrnes is requesting a speed study on Minnesota Highway 23 in Marshall, and we hope the city, county and whomever else can step up will continue to fight for reduced speed limits on the highway. Having an overpass is fine, and intersections designed to decrease conflict are, too, but those things alone won’t force drivers to slow down, and that’s a big deal given we live in a culture of speed, and we desire to get from Point A to Point B ASAP. If we really want to see the number of crashes on 23 go down, we need a lower speed limit and consistent enforcement of it.

Obama needs to visit the border


President Barack Obama is taking well-deserved criticism for not traveling to the Texas-Mexico border to see first-hand how the immigration crisis is affecting the country. Obama, who admits the problem is a big one, should be at the border. When natural disaster strikes, the president is there. When a tragic event occurs, the president is there. Why not with immigration? Just visiting the state of Texas isn’t enough, and Obama, as our president, would be well served to head to the border to show the country that the White House is ready to really act to keep illegal immigrants out of the U.S.