Time to control those blood-suckers

To the editor:

The year 2014 has brought our fair community the opportunity to distinguish ourselves from our rural Minnesota city peer group. With thoughtful planning we as a collective community are patiently waiting for several projects to be completed: new liquor store, new Southwest MN Amateur Sports Facility, (hockey rink, ball fields) and much anticipated expansion of the MERIT Center.

Perhaps the time has come that we as a community could openly discuss the options for controlling our annual summer biting pest, the mosquito, I realize that Marshall being a Regional Center with “Large City Aspirations” has focused a lot effort on drawing visitors to experience our fair community, but once these visitors arrive we would like to welcome them with our hospitality and them, in turn, rewarding our businesses and tax base with their dollars.

Has the time arrived where our community can come together and work out a solution to control our “Mosquito Population?”

Having been a visitor in other communities which have solved this issue, it is a comfort not having to worry about mosquitos and their ravenous behavior which made my visit there more enjoyable, and to be honest I will return to that community for another visit.

If it works for them why not for our community?

Marc Swanson