Marshall wins Gold Cup trophy

MARSHALL – Marshall Golf Club hosted the Gold Cup and Silver Cup Golf Tournament for female golfers around the area.

Marshall took home the Gold Cup, with a total score of 559, edging Tyler, who shot a 561.

Redwood Falls finished with a 574 and were followed by Granite Falls with a 593.

Madison and Montevideo tied for fifth with a score of 598.

Tyler took home the Silver Cup with a net score of 430.

Kari Ehlers of Marshall took home the top overall prize, shooting a 77.

The Gold Cup Tournament has been an ongoing event since 1952 and has rotated host sites among the teams.

Marshall won the tournament in for a five year stretch from 2006-2011 before Montevideo won it in 2012.

Kari Loft, part of the winning Marshall team, listed comraderie as one of the main components that has kept the tournament going since 1952,

“We have the older generation and then they bring in the younger ones and it just keeps going,” Loft said.

Another key factor in the longevity of the tournament that were brought up included the love for the game of golf and competition in general.

If the age range of golfers in the field isn’t enough, one would just have to take a look at the yellow binder that offers a view into generations past.

Today’s fee per golfer comes to 40 dollars, which is in stark contrast to the four dollars plus tax the 1969 fee came to.

The notes for the meetings connected to the tournament range from typewriter creation to handwritten.

When you first open the binder, the handwriting resembles that enscribed on the United States Constitution complete with parchment paper.

“Anyone can play in this tournament,” Loft said. “It’s not just one group of people.”