Short Takes for July 18

Host city does well


It’s been a pretty busy summer week in Marshall. Late last week and during the weekend, the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall was on full display at Independence Park, and Monday hundreds of bicyclists pedalled into town for the annual MS Tram. A combination of nice weather and Marshall hospitality ensured these two events were successful and proved that the growing city of Marshall is well-prepared to be a host city to a wide variety of guests.

Golf tournament stands test of time


A quick shout-out to all the people who have been involved throughout the years supporting the Gold Cup and Silver Cup golf tournament, which came to Marshall this week. Why, you ask? Because this city-to-city rotating tournament has been going for well over a half century. It’s a great generation-spanning event that everyone involved in for the last 60-plus years should be proud of.

A wild Wilder weekend


You have a couple more weekends to watch some theatrical magic happen in Walnut Grove, and it doesn’t get any more exciting for “Little House” fans next weekend when a number of celebrity cast members will make their way to Walnut Grove to celebrate the Wilder Museum’s 40th anniversary. Events like this surely don’t come around too often, and fans of the show and its characters will regret skipping this treat.